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2016 Aug 117-102 exam answers

Q31. The ______ command is used to setup, view, and modify packet filtering, network and port translation, and other packet mangling rules within 2.4 and later kernel.

A. iptables

Answer: A

Q32. In the output of iptables -L -n is the line ACCEPT all - - listed under the INPUT chain. 

What does this line mean?

A. That all traffic from to is explicitly allowed

B. TCP traffic to with all of the TCP flags is allowed

C. All traffic from to anywhere is allowed

D. The ACCEPT chain is responsible for all traffic from to

Answer: C

Q33. How many spare server processes are required by Apache for the typical, low-to-moderate volume website?

A. 1

B. 50

C. 10

D. 200

Answer: C

Q34. Which of the following tools is used to configure CUPS?

A. lpc

B. lpadmin

C. lpr

D. lpd

E. lpctrl

Answer: B

Q35. You decide to use xinetd instead of inetd. Now, you need to transfer information from /etc/inetd.conf to another file. What file?

A. /etc/xinetd.conf

Answer: A

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Q36. The file /etc/ssh_known_hosts typically contains hosts keys for ______.

A. all hosts that have logged into this server via ssh

B. all hosts that users have logged into from this server via ssh

C. clients allowed to connect to this host via ssh

D. machines the system administrator trusts users to connect to using ssh

Answer: D

Q37. What command is used to view pending jobs for the at command? (Do NOT specify path)

A. atq

Answer: A

Q38. Enter the command/servicename that dynamically assigns ports for Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) services like NIS, NFS and similar.

A. portmap

Answer: A

Q39. Which two of the following Class B IPv4 networks are reserved by IANA for private address assignment and private routing? (Choose two)






Answer: DE

Q40. What file is typically used to display messages at the login prompt when remote users telnet in to the machine?

A. /etc/issue

B. /etc/motd

C. /etc/net.banner

D. /etc/

Answer: D

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