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2016 May 156-315.75 Study Guide Questions:

Q181. Which of the listed load-balancing methods is NOT valid? 

A. Random 

B. Domain 

C. They are all valid 

D. Round Trip 

Answer: C 

Q182. Consider the following actions that VPN-1 NGX can take when it control packets. The Policy Package has been configured for Traditional Mode VPN. Identify the options that includes the available actions. Select four. 

A. Allow 

B. Reject 

C. Client auth 

D. Decrypt 

E. Accept 

F. Drop 

G. Encrypt 

H. Hold 

I. Proxy 

Answer: BEFG 

Q183. Stephanie wants to reduce the encryption overhead and improve performance for her mesh VPN Community. The Advanced VPN Properties screen below displays adjusted page settings:What can Stephanie do to achieve her goal? 

A. Check the box "Use Perfect Forward Secrecy" 

B. Change the setting "Use DiffiE. Hellman group" to "Group 5 (1536 bit)" 

C. Check the box "Use aggressive mode" 

D. Check the box "Support IP compression" 

E. Reduce the setting "Renegotiate IKE security associations every" to "720" 

Answer: D

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Q184. What is a "sticky" connection? 

A. A Sticky Connection is one in which a reply packet returns through the same gateway as the original packet. 

B. A Sticky Connection is a VPN connection that remains up until you manually bring it down. 

C. A Sticky Connection is a connection that remains the same. 

D. A Sticky Connection is a connection that always chooses the same gateway to set up the initial connection. 

Answer: A 

Q185. Which of the following is a supported deployment for Connectra? 

A. IPSO 4.9 build 88 

B. VMWare ESX 

C. Solaris 10 

D. Windows server 2007 

Answer: B 

Q186. How many pre-defined exclusions are included by default in SmartEvent R75 as part of the product installation? 

A. 3 

B. 0 

C. 5 

D. 10 

Answer: A

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Q187. Which command would you use to save the interface information before upgrading a Windows Gateway? 

A. cp /etc/sysconfig/network.C [location] 

B. ipconfig –a > [filename].txt 

C. ifconfig > [filename].txt 

D. netstat –rn > [filename].txt 

Answer: B 

Q188. Which command provides cluster upgrade status? 

A. cphaprob status 

B. cphaprob ldstat 

C. cphaprob fcustat 

D. cphaprob tablestat 

Answer: C 

Q189. Which of the following statements is FALSE about the DLP Software Blade and Active Directory (AD) or LDAP? 

A. When a user authenticates in the DLP Portal to view all his unhandled incidents, the portal authenticates the user using only AD/LDAP. 

B. Check Point UserCheck client authentication is based on AD. 

C. For SMTP traffic, each recipient e-mail address is translated using AD/LDAP to a user name and group that is checked vs. the destination column of the DLP rule base. 

D. For SMTP traffic, the sender e-mail address is translated using AD/LDAP to a user name and group that is checked vs. the source column of the DLP rule base. 

Answer: A 

Q190. In CoreXL, what process is responsible for processing incoming traffic from the network interfaces, securely accelerating authorized packets, and distributing non-accelerated packets among kernel instances? 

A. NAD (Network Accelerator Daemon) 

B. SND (Secure Network Distributor) 

C. SSD (Secure System Distributor) 

D. SNP (System Networking Process) 

Answer: B 

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