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2016 Jun 156-315.75 Study Guide Questions:

Q261. Which of the following is NOT TRUE regarding HTTPS traffic being passed through a DLP gateway? 

A. You must edit the $FWDIR/conf/fwauthd.conf file in order for HTTPS traffic to be passed to your Web Proxy through a DLP gateway. 

B. HTTPS traffic is not scanned by DLP 

C. Only one proxy can be configured for DLP 

D. You must configure the DLP gateway to allow HTTP/HTTPS traffic through the proxy if you have a web proxy between the DLP gateway and the internet. 

Answer: A 

Q262. For an initial installation of Connectra, which of the following statements is TRUE? 

A. You must configure the Connectra username and password before running the First Time Wizard. 

B. It is possible to run the First Time Wizard from Expert Mode on the Connectra server. 

C. It is not possible to use the sysconfig and cpconfig utilities, until the First Time Wizard in the Administration Web GUI is successfully completed. 

D. It is not necessary to set up the Rule Base before completing Connectra's installation. 

Answer: C 

Q263. What is the command to enter the router shell? 

A. gated 

B. routerd 

C. clirouter 

D. router 

Answer: D 


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Q264. Where do you define NAT properties so that NAT is performed either client side or server side? 

A. In SmartDashboard under Gateway setting 

B. In SmartDashboard under Global Properties > NAT definition 

C. In SmartDashboard in the NAT Rules 

D. In file $DFWDIR/lib/table.def 

Answer: B 

Q265. What is a task of the SmartEvent Correlation Unit? 

A. Add events to the events database. 

B. Look for patterns according to the installed Event Policy. 

C. Assign a severity level to an event 

D. Display the received events. 

Answer: B 

Q266. Which external user authentication protocols are supported in SSL VPN? 

A. LDAP, Active Directory, SecurID 

B. DAP, SecurID, Check Point Password, OS Password, RADIUS, TACACS 

C. LDAP, RADIUS, Active Directory, SecurID 


Answer: B 


High quality security+ + sy0-401 practice test:

Q267. Which of the following does IPSec use during IPSec key negotiation? 

A. IPSec SA 

B. RSA Exchange 


D. Diffie-Hellman exchange 

Answer: D 

Q268. The London office just upgraded their DNS servers so their Gateway needs to be updated with the new settings. What would be the BEST way for Henry to change the DNS settings for London's Gateway? 

A. Edit the Canada Profile 

B. Edit the Gateway's DNS settings from the Edit Gateway, then selecting the DNS tab 

C. DNS settings for that Gateway cannot be changed 

D. Edit the Europe Profile 

Answer: D 

Q269. For a dedicated DLP Gateway that runs in inline bridge mode, why is it important to properly define the topology? 

A. Topology definition is necessary for correct anti-spoofing. 

B. Topology is used for Hide NAT. 

C. By default. My Organization is defined by the internal interfaces of a DLP Gateway. 

D. Topology definition is used for VPN communities definition. 

Answer: C 

Q270. For Management High Availability synchronization, what does the Advance status mean? 

A. The peer SMS has not been synchronized properly. 

B. The peer SMS is properly synchronized. 

C. The active SMS and its peer have different installed policies and databases. 

D. The peer SMS is more up-to-date. 

Answer: D 

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