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Q201. You plan to execute the following command to perform a Flashback Database operation in your database:


Which two statements are true about this? (Choose two)

A. The database must have multiplexed redo log files

B. The database must be in the MOUNT state to execute the command

C. The database must be in the NOMOUNT state to execute the command

D. The database must be opened in RESTRICTED mode before this operation

E. The database must be opened with the RESETLOGS option after the flashback operation

Answer: BE

Q202. Which is true concerning Database Replay in an Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) database?

A. Workload capture is per instance.

B. You only need to restart one instance to begin workload capture.

C. Specifically in RAC, you shut down all instances, restart them individually, and begin workload capture with the last instance started.

D. RAC does not support workload capture, but it does support workload replay.

E. None of the above.

Answer: E

Q203. You have created a script in the recovery catalog called backup_database. Which of the following commands would successfully execute that script?

A. run {

open script backup_database;

run script backup_database


B. run {

engage script backup_database;


C. run {

run script backup_database;


D. Run {

execute script backup_database;


E. The name backup_database is an invalid name for an RMAN script. Trying to run it from RMAN would result in an error.

Answer: D

Q204. You have lost datafile 4 from your database. Which is typically the fastest way to restore your database?

A. Restore and recover the datafile.

B. Restore and recover the tablespace.

C. Restore and recover the database.

D. Restore and recover the control file.

E. Restore and recover the parameter file.

Answer: A

Q205. Identify three key features of ASM. (Choose three.)

A. file striping

B. allocation unit mirroring

C. automatic disk rebalancing

D. automatic file size increment

E. automatic undo management

Answer: ABC

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Q206. True or false: RMAN offers the equivalent of the SQL command alter database backup controlfile to trace.

A. True

B. False

Answer: B

Q207. Which three functions are performed by the SQL Tuning Advisor? (Choose three.)

A. Building the SQL profile

B. Recommending optimization of materialized views

C. Checking query objects for missing and stale statistics

D. Recommending bitmap, function-based, and B-tree indexes

E. Recommending restructuring SQL queries that are using bad plans

Answer: ACE

Q208. The RVPC user can do which of the following? (Choose all that apply.)

A. Register databases if granted the register database privilege

B. See all databases in the recovery-catalog schema

C. See all database-related metadata in the recovery catalog if they are granted access to that database

D. Unregister databases from the RVPC catalog that were not granted to the RVPC catalog owner with the grant command

E. Not be connected to with the RMAN command-line catalog parameter for backup or recovery purposes

Answer: AC

Q209. Exhibit:

View the Exhibit to examine a portion of the output from the VALIDATE DATABASE command.

Which statement is true about the block corruption detected by the command?

A. No action is taken except the output in the Exhibit.

B. The ADVISE FAILURE command is automatically called to display the repair script.

C. The failure is logged into the Automatic Diagnostic Repository (ADR).

D. The corruption is repaired by the command implicitly.

Answer: C

Q210. You have just performed a FLASHBACK TABLE operation using the following command:

flashback table employees to scn 123456;

The employees table has triggers associated with it. Which of the following statements is true regarding the state of the triggers during the Flashback Table operation?

A. All the triggers are disabled.

B. All the triggers are enabled by default.

C. Enabled triggers remain enabled and disabled triggers remain disabled.

D. Triggers are deleted when a Flashback Table operation is performed.

Answer: A

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