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2016 Jul oracle 1z0-053 syllabus:

Q161. The SQL Tuning Advisor has been configured with default configurations in your database instance. Which recommendation is automatically implemented without the DBA's intervention after the SQL Tuning Advisor is run as part of the AUTOTASK framework?

A. statistics recommendations

B. SQL profile recommendations

C. index-related recommendations

D. restructuring of SQL recommendations

Answer: B

Q162. What can you determine about the following linguistic sorts based only on their names?



A. 1 is a monolingual sort.

B. 2 is a monolingual sort.

C. 1 is case insensitive.

D. Both 1 and 2 are case insensitive.

E. Case sensitivity is unknown.

Answer: A

Q163. The Automatic Database Diagnostic Monitor (ADDM) analysis runs every 60 minutes on your database. Your database is facing a series of interrelated problems over a period of two hours. You need to ensure that the ADDM analysis is run over a time span of two hours in future. What would you do?

A. Create two custom ADDM tasks.

B. Modify the AWR snapshot time interval to two hours.

C. Create a new scheduler window for a time period of two hours.

D. Modify the Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) snapshot retention period to two hours.

Answer: B

Q164. You are using recovery Manager (RMAN) with a recovery catalog to backup up your production database. The backups and the archived redo log files are copied to a tape drive on a daily basis. The database was open and transactions were recorded in the redo logs. Because of fire in the building you lost your servers having the production database and the recovery catalog database.

The archive log files generated after the last backup are intact on one of the remote locations. While performing a disaster recovery of the production database what is the next step that you must perform after restoring the data files and applying archived redo logs?

A. Open the database in NORMAL mode

B. Open the database in read-only mode

C. Open the database in RESTRICTED mode

D. Open the database with the RESETLOGS option

Answer: D

Q165. To enable resumable space allocation for the instance, which of the following initialization parameters should you set to a nonzero value?






Answer: D

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Q166. Which two statements about Oracle Direct Network File System (NFS) are true? (Choose two.)

A. It bypasses the OS file system cache.

B. A separate NFS interface is required for use across Linux, UNIX, and Windows platforms.

C. It uses the operating system kernel NFS layer for user tasks and network communication modules.

D. File systems need not be mounted by the kernel NFS system when being served through Direct NFS.

E. Oracle Disk Manager can manage NFS on its own, without using the operating system kernel NFS driver.

Answer: AE

Q167. Your database interface is running. A user SCOTT starts a SQL *Plus session, and issues the following query:


Which process would retrieve the result from the database and return it to the client program?

A. User process

B. Server process

C. System Monitor (SMON)

D. Process Monitor (PMON)

E. Checkpoint process (CKPT)

Answer: B

Q168. As soon as you discover that you have lost an online redo log, if the database is still functioning, what should be your first action?

A. Shut down the database

B. Clear the online redo log

C. Back up the database

D. Checkpoint the database

E. Call Oracle support

Answer: D

Q169. Your organization decided to upgrade the existing Oracle 10g database to Oracle 11g database in a multiprocessor environment. At the end of the upgrade, you observe that the DBA executes the following script:

SQL> @utlrp.sql

What is the significance of executing this script?

A. It performs parallel recompilation of only the stored PL/SQL code.

B. It performs sequential recompilation of only the stored PL/SQL code.

C. It performs parallel recompilation of any stored PL/SQL as well as Java code.

D. It performs sequential recompilation of any stored PL/SQL as well as Java code.

Answer: C

Q170. A user performs an update on a table. Shortly after committing the transaction, they realize that they had an error in their WHERE clause causing the wrong rows to be updated. Which Flashback option would allow you to undo this transaction and restore the table to its previous state?

A. Flashback Drop

B. Flashback Query

C. Flashback Versions Query

D. Flashback Transaction Query

E. Flashback Table

Answer: E

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