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2016 Jun 1Z0-102 practice

Q61. You are logged in to the administration console for a domain that is running in Development Mode. The domain configuration, you select Production Mode, Save, and then Activate Changes. Which two statements are true?

A. All running servers must be restarted.

B. Only the Administration Server must be restarted.

C. Auto-deployment will no longer be available for this domain.

D. This change may be made only through the Administration Server's secure port.

E. If you decide to go back to Development Mode, uncheck Production Mode in the administrate console.

Answer: AE

Q62. Which four tasks are required to use database persistence for JMS messages?

A. Assign a data source to a JDBC store.

B. Configure a data source's delivery mode.

C. Assign a JDBC store to a JMS server.

D. Create a JDBC data source.

E. Disable a server's file store.

F. Create a JDBC store.

Answer: ACDF

Q63. You wish to provide failover for HTTP sessions within a cluster. However, you are limited by the following constraints:

1. While under load, your servers have very little free memory.

2. you do not have appropriate access rights to modify your company's database.

Which is the best option, given these restrictions?

A. in-memory replication

B. automatic migration

C. file persistence

D. JDBC persistence

E. replication groups

Answer: C

Q64. You are creating a new domain by using the Configuration Wizard, based solely on the Basic WebLogic Server Domain product (no template). Select three resources that you can create while still in the Configuration Wizard.

A. Administration Server

B. Managed Server

C. Data Server

D. JMS Server

E. Cluster

F. Domain Log

Answer: ABE

Q65. An application fails. The exception indicates that the JDBC data source, jdbc-hr.HRDS, cannot be found. Identify two possible steps that you can perform to verify the data source's availability.

A. Launch the JDBCDiagnostics utility.

B. Verify the Targets attribute of the application.

C. Verify the Dependencies attribute of the data source.

D. Verify the target server's JNDI tree in the console.

E. Verify the Target attribute of the data source.

Answer: DE

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Q66. The project's architect has provided you with a design diagram that identifies the key components of the new insurance system. From the diagram, you can clearly see that JMS will be used as the communication channel between several applications. Identify four tasks that you may need to perform to support this design.

A. Create a JMS server

B. Create a JMS message template

C. Add JMS destinations to a JMS module

D. Add a JMS module to a JMS factory

E. Target JMS destinations to JMS servers

F. Target a JMS server to a WebLogic Server

G. Target a JMS module to a JMS store

Answer: ACEF

Q67. What is the default Staging Mode for servers?

A. No-Stage

B. Stage

C. External Stage

D. Use the defaults defined by the deployment targets

E. Copy the application onto every target for me

Answer: B

Q68. An application is deployed to your domain and its manifest indicates version 1.1. You then perform an application update by using a manifest that indicates version 1.2. 

Indentify two outcomes of this scenario.

A. The existing 1.1 clients are redirected to the 1.2 application

B. The existing 1.1 clients are shown a warning message.

C. The existing 1.1 clients continue to use the 1.1 application.

D. New clients are asked which version they wish to use.

E. New clients use only use 1.2 application

Answer: CE

Q69. Which three attributes are part of the configuration of an existing Managed Server and can be modified through the" administration console?

A. name of the server

B. the cluster it is in

C. the machine it runs on

D. itsreplication group

E. whether it is in Development Mode or Production Mode

F. that it should become the Administration Server for the domain

Answer: BCD

Q70. An EJB application is targeted to a cluster. Remote EJB clients can therefore take advantage of WebLogic Server's load balancing and failover capabilities.

However, a proxy server exists between the clients and the cluster, which performs IP address translation. Which cluster attribute should you modify to ensure that load balancing and failover work correctly?

A. Multicast Address

B. Persistent Store

C. Cluster Address

D. Migration Basis

E. Replication Channel

Answer: B

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