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2016 Jul 1Z0-102 test questions

Q11. Indentify two attributes of a JMS server.

A. Target

B. Persistent Store

C. Destination

D. Connection Factory

E. Store and Forward

Answer: AB

Q12. Consider a domain with an existing JDBC data source, which connects to an Oracle database. Your administrator requests that the JDBC connections to this database now specify a different username. Which data source attribute would you modify to implement this requirement?

A. Properties

B. Credentials

C. Initial Capacity

D. Test Table


Answer: E

Q13. Your domain includes a cluster of five servers, but only three are currently running. A colleague then uses the administration console to install and deploy a new EJB application to the cluster.

By default, which outcome would you expect?

A. The application deploys successfully on the three servers that are running.

B. The deployment fails because the entire cluster is not running.

C. The deployment succeeds, but the application is not accessible.

D. The user is prompted to start the two unavailable servers before continuing.

E. The two unavailable servers are automatically removed from the cluster.

Answer: A

Q14. As an Oracle WebLogic Server administrator, you are given an EAR file application to deploy.

Identity three reasons for creating an EAR file first.

A. After the .ear file hasbeen deployed, the developer will not have to ask for your assistance to deploy it again.

B. The EAR file is created to avoid namespace clashes in the Java code.

C. The EAR file can contain multiple WAR, EAR, and other resources to easily bundle together.

D. The EAR file is required if you are deploying an application.

E. The EAR file can declare application-wide security roles definitions.

Answer: CDE

Q15. Refer to the Exhibit.

Which three statements are true about using the administration console to shut down a server?

A. The configuration must first be locked.

B. The choice "Force Shutdown Now"drops in-work requests.

C. Both the choices, "When work completes" and "Force Shutdown Now", reject any new requests.

D. The choice "When work completes" allows in work requests to complete before the server down.

E. The administration console can be usedto shut down Managed Servers, such as managed not the Administration Server.

Answer: ABD

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Q16. Indentify two requirements for in-memory session replication.

A. Clusters must contain an even number of members.

B. Web applications must be configured to use replication.

C. Web applications must be deployed as an archive file.

D. Cluster members must be started by using the Node Manager.

E. Web applications must be accessed via a proxy that supports session cookies

Answer: BE

Q17. Identify three properties required by the domain Configuration Wizard when creating a new domain.

A. machine name

B. Managed Server name

C. domain startup mode

D. domain name

E. administrator username and password

Answer: CDE

Q18. Which two statements are true about cluster configuration?

A. A server must be running before it can be added to a cluster.

B. You cannot define cluster membership through the Configuration Wizard.

C. The console allows you to add new and existing servers to a cluster.

D. The console allows you to add an administration server to a cluster.

E. You cannot remove a server that is running from a cluster.

Answer: AE

Q19. The master Embedded LDAP has the capability to back up its data. Which statement is true?

A. The Managed Servers should be shut down when backups are being performed on the Embedded LDAP.

B. The backup feature is enabled by default.

C. The backup featureof the Embedded LDAP should be enabled for all the servers in the domain on a per-basis.

D. The backup is stored in a comma-separated variable format.

Answer: C

Q20. Which can be associated with multiple domains?

A. Cluster

B. Server Log

C. Node Manager

D. Administration Server

Answer: C

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