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Q61. Your client has requirements to enter customers, suppliers, and remit-to addresses In countryspecific formats for the United States, United Kingdom, and Ireland. Which are the three steps required to set up new flexible address formats in Oracle Applications? (Choose three.)

A. creating address style lookup

B. creating flexible address code

C. setting up the "Default Address" profile option

D. assigning address style to a specific country

E. setting up flexible address format in a descriptive flexfield

Answer: ADE

Q62. Identify three standard views that you can access from the Notification Worklist of Oracle Workflow Self-Service Web pages in Oracle E-Business Suite Release 12. (Choose three.)

A. Open Notifications

B. To Do Notifications

C. Closed Notifications

D. Notifications from Me

E. Rejected Notifications

Answer: ABD

Q63. Select three statements that apply to IReceivables. (Choose three.)

A. It Is a Web-based self-service application.

B. It can be used to verify the status of Invoices and receipts.

C. It is geared towards call centers, as well as credit and collections departments.

D. It can be used to initiate the Oracle Approvals Management (AME) credit memo request workflow.

Answer: ABD

Q64. To create a party paying relationship, the relationship type must be hierarchical and the party type must be_______.

A. child

B. parent

C. person

D. organization

E. person or organization

Answer: D

Q65. A clerk from ABC Inc. receives a customer receipt that does not have sufficient Information to identify the customer or invoice.

Which is the correct method of entering the receipt In Oracle Accounts Receivable?

A. Enter the receipt as an unapplied receipt.

B. Enter the receipt as an unidentified receipt.

C. Enter the receipt as an on-account receipt.

D. Enter the receipt as a miscellaneous receipt.

E. Enter the receipt by applying it to a dummy customer account.

Answer: B

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Q66. Identify three setups In Oracle Receivables that control how discounts are calculated. (Choose three.)

A. profile options

B. payment terms

C. system options

D. receipt classes

E. customer profiles

Answer: ABC

Q67. XYZ Company has disabled the Receivables Profile Option "AR: Disable Receivable Activity Balancing Segment*. What must be defined In order for the General Ledger Transfer process to execute without error?

A. gain account

B. revenue account

C. expense account

D. rounding account

E. suspense account

Answer: E

Q68. Identify three tables that can be used to import billing data Into Oracle Receivables. (Choose three.)






Answer: ADE

Q69. MT Services has several operating companies set up as balancing segment values In Its chart of accounts. There is only one sales tax rate that is applicable to its services. However, for accounting purposes, MT Services must track the sales tax by operating company.

Except for some government agencies that are customers, sales tax is applicable to all customers.

The controller wants to know the minimum setup steps that MT Services must perform.

Choose the three minimum setups needed in Receivables and E-Business Tax to charge sales tax.

(Choose three.)

A. tax groups

B. location sales tax

C. AutoAccounting for tax

D. tax classification codes

E. assigning tax code to transaction type

F. tax exemptions for customers and customer sites

Answer: BCF

Q70. Oracle Credit Management (OCM) uses lookups to help speed up data entry and increase accuracy. Select two required lookups used by OCM. (Choose two.)

A. risk code

B. credit rating

C. payment terms

D. credit review type

E. credit classification

Answer: DE

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