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2016 Jul 1Z0-554 free practice questions

Q41. When a page is rendered, the binding filter asks the binding context to load the file containing parameters, executables, and bindings. Name this file. 

A. DataBinding.cpx 

B. bc4j.xcfg 

C. adfm.xml 

D. .jspx 

Answer: C 

Q42. An application has an address form that allows internal users to enter shipping addresses for provisioning, as well as allows external users to enter billing address for placing orders. How can this form be implemented to promote reuse? 

A. As a page tempate that multiple Pages can be based upon 

B. as a page fragment that can be usedformultiple task flows 

C. as a ospx page containing a form with input components 

D. ospxpage contained within a module 

E. as a page fragment that contains an af:document tag 

Answer: B 

Q43. Choose four benefits of using page templates. 

A. They increase developer productivity. 

B. You can base a new page template on an existing page template. 

C. They can be nested. 

D. They can be customized. 

E. They enable a consistent look and feel across the pages of an application. 

F. They are reusable. 

G. There are two reuse mechanisms: by copy and by reference 

Answer: ABDE 

Q44. What is the most likely cause of the run-time error, "Attempt to set a parameter name that does not occur in the SQL: employeeid"? 

A. The user has not supplied the value for the bind variable. 

B. The view object does not have a bind variable defined. 

C. The view object query does not have a reference to the bind variable. 

D. The employeeid attribute is not defined in the view object. 

E. The view object query does not have a WHERE clause defined. 

Answer: A 

Q45. What file would you use if you wanted to modify the Authentication Security of an application? 

A. adfc-config.xml 

B. faces-config.xml 

C. jazn-data.xml 

D. web.xml 

E. weblogic.xml 

Answer: DE 

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Q46. Which component stores application page changes in xml documents and merges the changes during the rendering of the page? 

A. WebCenter Framework 

B. WebCenter Services 

C. Metadata Services 

D. WebCenter Spaces 

E. Portals 

Answer: B 

Q47. Which three AM laces components fire a selectionEvent? 

A. inputListOfValues 

B. tree 

C. All input and select components 

D. inputComboboxListOfValues 

E. treeTable 

F. table 

G. All command components 

Answer: BDE 

Q48. Identify two advantages of adding a service method to an application module. 

A. It can be implemented in the application module's Def class allowing greater flexibility. 

B. It is useful for performing operations across view objects. 

C. Its code can be dependent only on a specific view. 

D. It can be called by the client, requiring very little data manipulation. 

E. It does not require publishing to allow a client to access the methods. 

Answer: BD 

Q49. What three statements are correct about task flow control flows? 

A. A control flow would typically be initiated from a button or link that is being clicked. 

B. A view activity can be the source for many control flow rules. 

C. A Control flow can exist between a view activity and a method call. 

D. The definition of control flows for a page are stored in the page backing bean. 

E. The name of a control flow must match the name of the view activity to which it navigates. 

Answer: ACE 

Q50. The FOD schema includes two entity objects, ProductEO and ProductCategoryEO, related as shown in the screenshot. Examine the recursive relationship that ProducCategoryEO has with itself and choose the business rule that this relationship implements. 

A. A Product Category belongs to one or many (parent) Product Categories and a Product Category contains one or many (child) Product Categories. 

B. A Product Category may belong to a (parent) Product Category and may contain a (child) Product Category. 

C. A Product Category belongs to one and only one (parent) Product Category and contains at lea one (child) Product Category. 

D. A Product Category belongs to one or many (parent) Product Categories and may contain Product Categories. 

E. A Product Category must belong to at least one (parent) Product Category and must contain and only one (child) Product Category. 

Answer: D 

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