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Q1. Which two options are included in Oracle BI Server cache management techniques? 

A. Using NQSConfig.ini to manually edit the parameters 

B. Scheduling Server password 

C. Maximum Number of Rows to Download to Excel 

D. Inspecting the cache reports 

E. Manage access to Subject Areas 

Answer: AD

Q2. Select the scenario in which block storage must be used instead of aggregate storage. 

A. Incremental data loading 

B. Top - down planning 

C. Extremely sparse data sets 

D. Millions of members in the outline 


Q3. Where is Cache in OBIEE located? 

A. In relational database 

B. It is local disk-based. 

C. In dynamic aggregate 

D. In memory cache 

Answer: B

Q4. Oracle BI Server at a company is connected to Data Warehouse that is refreshed on a daily basis, the majority of users at the company log in to Oracle BI every Monday to generate the previous week's sales report. The BI Administrator schedules cache purge and cache seeding to improve report response times. How is this accomplished? 

A. Everyday before Data Warehouse refresh 

B. Every day after Data Warehouse refresh 

C. Every Monday early morning 

D. Every Monday late night 

Answer: D

Q5. A company's Database Administrator has divided the region table into two tables so that the region "West" is in one table and all the other regions are in another single table. What kind of partition is being used? 

A. Fact-based 

B. Time-based 

C. Mixed 

D. Complex 


Q6. What are the two disadvantages of implementing Query Caching? 

A. Reduction in BI server processing time 

B. Cache results being old 

C. Storage space for cache 

D. Increased network traffic 

E. Needs a lot of administrators' time 

Answer: BC

Q7. When creating a Security Realm in the WebLogic Console, which object is created? 

A. Groups 

B. Row Level Filters 

C. Server Password 

D. Single Sign On 

Answer: A

Q8. Identify the two types of storage for Essbase. 

A. Aggregate Storage Option and Block Storage Option 

B. Aggregate Storage and Cell Storage 

C. OLAP Storage and Cell Storage 

D. Aggregate Storage and Hybrid Columnar Compression 

Answer: A

Q9. Query limits tab can be accessed through________. 

A. Security Manager, Query tab, Application role dialog box, Permissions 

B. Security Manager, Application Roles tab, Query dialog box, Permissions 

C. Security Manager, Application Roles tab, Application role dialog box, Permissions 

D. Security Manager, Application Roles tab, Application role dialog box, Query Properties 

Answer: C

Q10. A customer needs to create a product share calculation. What are the two ways that they would get the revenue for all products to use in the denominator? 

A. Create a derived measure by using the addition function that adds each product value together. 

B. Create a derived measure based on Revenue that has the Level Total Product selected on the Level Tab of the Logical Column Dialog. 

C. Create a derived measure based on Revenue that has all the levels selected on the Level Tab of the Logical Column Dialog except Total Product. 

D. Create a derived metric by using the Expression Builder. 

Answer: AC