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2016 May 1z0-241 Study Guide Questions:

Q121. View the Exhibit.

The red dot on the left margin of the PeopleCode Editor screen _____.

A. marks a breakpoint

B. marks a bookmark

C. indicates an abend

D. indicates a syntax error

E. indicates a compile error

F. indicates a run-time error

Answer: A

Q122. What are three standard system edits that the component processor performs on a field?

(Choose three.)

A. Duplicate key

B. Required field

C. Spelling

D. Field format

E. Foreign key

Answer: ABD

Q123. Which PeopleCode event would you use to validate the search key?

A. SearchInit

B. SearchSave

C. SearchEdit

D. EditSearch

E. InitSearch

Answer: B


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Q124. What is the maximum number of duplicate levels that you can place on a page?

A. Zero

B. One

C. Two

D. Three

E. Four

F. As many as the page real estate can support

Answer: F

Q125. You run this SQL statement in your query tool: SELECT * FROM DBA_OBJECTS;

Assuming that the syntax is correct for your platform, what does the statement select from?

A. PeopleTools tables

B. System catalog tables

C. Application data tables

D. Related language tables

Answer: B

Q126. Select two options that demonstrate referential integrity in PeopleSoft applications. (Choose two.)

Answer: BC


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Q127. Examine this PeopleCode snippet: class RO_ROWSET extends Rowset; Which statement is true?

A. Rowset is a subclass of the RO_ROWSET class.

B. RO_ROWSET is an instance of the Rowset class.

C. RO_ROWSET is a superclass of the Rowset class.

D. Rowset is a superclass of the RO_ROWSET class.

E. RO_ROWSET is an application class in the Rowset application package.

Answer: D

Q128. Within the component processor flow, field action processing is initiated when _____.

A. a field value is changed

B. a user changes a value in a field

C. the component build process completes

D. a user enters an incorrect value in a field

E. a user changes a value in a field and exits the field or saves

Answer: E

Q129. The View Log/Trace page enables you to view the output file, message log, and trace file in a browser. Select the conditions that, if satisfied, will display the View Log/Trace link as active on the Process Detail page. (Choose all that apply.)

A. The run status of the process request remains as Initiated.

B. The run status of the process request remains as Processing.

C. The PeopleSoft Process Scheduler changes the status of the process request to Queued.

D. The output destination for the process request is Web, the report and log files are successfully posted to the Report Repository by the Distribution Agent, and the process have a run status of Success.

E. The process request runs from a PeopleSoft Process Scheduler Server Agent that was set up using the Server Definition page with a distribution node. You must have also selected to transfer log files to the Report Repository when you set up the preferences on this page.

Answer: DE

Q130. You write a PeopleCode program that checks whether the user is selecting an existing search key value on the Search page or creating a new search key value. Which system variable do you use?

A. %Add

B. &Add

C. %Mode

D. &Mode

E. %Search

F. &Search

Answer: C

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