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2016 Jul 1z0-241 free practice questions

Q61. What type of PeopleCode looping construct will loop a specified number of times?

A. For

B. While

C. Do While

D. Do Until

E. Repeat-For

Answer: A

Q62. View the Exhibit.

What is the most likely source of the inherited security authorization for the ALLPAGES permission list for the Classroom Preparation folder?

A. It was configured in the Root folder.

B. It was configured in the registration wizard.

C. It was configured in the Set Up Training folder.

D. It was configured by the Author Access check box.

E. It was configured in the ALLPAGES permission list in PeopleTools Security.

Answer: C

Q63. You add a new field to an existing subpage. What next step should you take?

A. Visually inspect each affected page for issues.

B. Test each affected page online by entering data.

C. Nothing. Subpages automatically resize and adjust themselves.

D. Query the subrecord to verify the existence of the field on the subrecord that references the subpage.

Answer: A

Q64. Select the three true statements about PeopleSoft field definitions. (Choose three.)

A. All PeopleSoft field definition names are in uppercase.

B. Date, Time, and DateTime fields all have a fixed length.

C. When you work with Number and Signed Number field types, the sum of integer and decimal positions must be less than or equal to 40.

D. Altering an existing field definition's default label can have consequences at both the record definition level and the page definition level.

E. For a Long Character field, enter a field length of 256 to enable the database platform to determine the maximum length of the field.

Answer: ABD

Q65. When you run a Crystal report that has run-time prompts, the prompt values need to be passed using the command line. Which two options will accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A. Create a default Crystal report from PeopleSoft Query using the file name (ACTQRY).RPT.

B. Hard-code that prompt value in quotes into the Process Definition page.

C. Use PeopleSoft Application Designer to create a run control page to gather values from the user and dynamically pass them into the command line.

D. Create a default report from a new or unnamed query object to enable PeopleSoft Query to use the in-memory selected column list to generate the report.

E. Create a default Crystal report from a named query object; the saved representation of the selected column list is used to generate the report.

Answer: BC

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Q66. View the Exhibit. Select the advanced search page that this record definition will generate.

Answer: D

Q67. This PeopleCode function uses effective-date logic to return the current row from PSXLATITEM. SQLExec("SELECT A.XLATSHORTNAME, A.XLATLONGNAME




B.EFFDT <= <date>)");

Which system variable should be substituted for <date> so the function correctly returns the current row as of the run date for all supported database platforms?

A. %Date

B. %AsOfDate

C. %DateTime

D. %EffDtCheck

E. %CurrentDateIn

F. %CurrentDateOut

Answer: E

Q68. Which three statements are true regarding the Preview tab in Crystal Reports? (Choose three.)

A. It is used to preview your reports.

B. It is used to enter the information that you want in the footer of the report.

C. It is used to enter the title of the report and other information that you want to appear at the top of the first page.

D. In the Preview tab, the page orientation is portrait or landscape by default according to the number and width of the columns that are in your query.

E. If the query columns do not fit in landscape, Crystal Reports displays in the Preview tab as many columns as will fit on the page and does not display the others.

Answer: ADE

Q69. What is the order of precedence for logical operators in PeopleCode conditional statements?






Answer: E

Q70. Within the component processor flow, the component build process is a loop that executes until _____.

A. the End Build marker is reached

B. the entire component-level PeopleCode executes

C. all the page elements are retrieved and displayed

D. all the rows in the record are loaded into the buffer

E. all the rows that were selected from the database are loaded into the buffer

Answer: E

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