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2016 Jul 200-530 brain dumps

Q101. Given a php.ini setting of: 

default_charset = utf-8 

What will the following code print in the browser? 

A. Garbled data 

B. & # 9986 ; & # 10004 ; & # 10013 ; 

C. A blank line due to charset mismatch 

Answer: C

Q102. Which constant must be passed as the second argument to htmlentities () to convert single quotes (') to HTML entity? 






Answer: C

Q103. Which PHP function relieves a 1st of HTTP headers that have been sent as part of the HTTP response or are ready to be sent? 

A. header() 

B. headers() 

C. header_list() 

D. header_sent() 

E. getresponseheaders0 

Answer: C

Q104. What is the name of the PHP function used to automatically load non-yet defined classes? 

A. Autoload() 

B. __autoload() 

C. __catch() 

D. Load() 

E. loadClass() 

Answer: B

Q105. In the following code, which class can be instantiated? 

1 <?php 

2 abstract class Graphics { 

3 abstract function draw($im, $col); 

4 } 

6 abstract class Point1 extends Graphics { 

7 public $x, $y; 

8 function __construct($x, $y) { 

9 $this->x = $x; 

10 $this->y = $y; 

11 } 

12 function draw($im, $col) { 

13 ImageSetPixel($im, $this->x, $this->y, $col); 

14 } 

15 } 


17 class Point2 extends Point1 { } 


19 abstract class Point3 extends Point2 { } 

20 ?> 

A. Graphics 

B. Point1 

C. Point2 

D. Point3 

E. None, the code is invalid 

Answer: C

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Q106. What PHP function can be used to remove a local file? 

A. A) rmdir() 

B. B) unlink() 

C. C) rm() 

D. D) delete() 

E. E) delete_file() 

Answer: B

Q107. What is the return value of the following code substr_compare("foobar", "bar", 3); 

A. -1 

B. 1 


D. 0 


Answer: D

Q108. Some databases support the LIMIT clause. ft is a method to ensure that 

A. only certain rows are deleted in DELETE queries. 

B. only a defined subset of rows are read in SELECT queries. 

C. only certain users can access the database. 

Answer: B

Q109. What can NOT be used to send a cookie from within a PHP application? 

A. header() 


C. setcookie() 

D. setrawcookie() 

Answer: B

Q110. What parsing methodology is utilized by the SimpleXML extension? 



C. XPath 

D. Push/Pull Approach 

E. Expat 

Answer: B

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