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New Cisco 210-260 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 9 - Question 16)

Q9. Which statement about extended access lists is true?

A. Extended access lists perform filtering that is based on source and destination and are

most effective when applied to the destination

B. Extended access lists perform filtering that is based on source and destination and are most effective when applied to the source

C. Extended access lists perform filtering that is based on destination and are most effective when applied to the source

D. Extended access lists perform filtering that is based on source and are most effective when applied to the destination

Answer: B

Q10. Which command verifies phase 1 of an IPsec VPN on a Cisco router?

A. show crypto map

B. show crypto ipsec sa

C. show crypto isakmp sa

D. show crypto engine connection active

Answer: C

Q11. Which network device does NTP authenticate?

A. Only the time source

B. Only the client device

C. The firewall and the client device

D. The client device and the time source

Answer: A

Q12. Whatu2019s the technology that you can use to prevent non malicious program to run in the computer that is disconnected from the network?

A. Firewall

B. Software Antivirus

C. Network IPS

D. Host IPS.

Answer: D

Q13. Which Cisco Security Manager application collects information about device status and uses it to generate notifications and alerts?

A. FlexConfig

B. Device Manager

C. Report Manager

D. Health and Performance Monitor

Answer: D

Q14. Which type of attack is directed against the network directly:

A. Denial of Service

B. phishing

C. trojan horse

Answer: A

Q15. When Cisco IOS zone-based policy firewall is configured, which three actions can be applied to a traffic class? (Choose three.)

A. pass

B. police

C. inspect

D. drop

E. queue

F. shape

Answer: A,C,D

Explanation: 8bc994.shtml

Zone-Based Policy Firewall Actions

ZFW provides three actions for traffic that traverses from one zone to another:

Drop u2014 This is the default action for all traffic, as applied by the "class class-default" that terminates every inspect-type policy-map. Other class-maps within a policy-map can also be configured to drop unwanted traffic.

Traffic that is handled by the drop action is "silently" dropped (i.e., no notification of the drop is sent to the relevant end-host) by the ZFW, as opposed to an ACL's behavior of sending an ICMP u201chost unreachableu201d message to the host that sent the denied traffic. Currently, there is not an option to change the "silent drop" behavior. The log option can be added with drop for syslog notification that traffic was dropped by the firewall.

Pass u2014 This action allows the router to forward traffic from one zone to another. The pass action does not track the state of connections or sessions within the traffic. Pass only allows the traffic in one direction. A corresponding policy must be applied to allow return traffic to pass in the opposite direction. The pass action is useful for protocols such as IPSec ESP, IPSec AH, ISAKMP, and other inherently secure protocols with predictable behavior. However, most application traffic is better handled in the ZFW with the inspect action.

Inspectu2014The inspect action offers state-based traffic control. For example, if traffic from the private zone to the Internet zone in the earlier example network is inspected, the router maintains connection or session information for TCP and User Datagram Protocol (UDP) traffic. Therefore, the router permits return traffic sent from Internet-zone hosts in reply to private zone connection requests. Also, inspect can provide application inspection and control for certain service protocols that might carry vulnerable or sensitive application traffic.

Audit-trail can be applied with a parameter-map to record connection/session start, stop, duration, the data volume transferred, and source and destination addresses.

Q16. Which components does HMAC use to determine the authenticity and integrity of a message? (Choose two.)

A. The password

B. The hash

C. The key

D. The transform set

Answer: B,C

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