220-701 study guides(201 to 220) for IT professionals: Apr 2016 Edition

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2016 Apr 220-701 Study Guide Questions:

Q201. Which of the following should a technician do FIRST in the BIOS to set up drive encryption? 

A. Enable eSATA support 

B. Run built-in diagnostics 

C. Enable TPM 

D. Enable virtualization support 

Answer: C 

Q202. A user’s laptop does not produce sound even though the volume settings are at maximum in the operating system. Which of the following would MOST likely resolve this issue? 

A. A new sound card 

B. A new speaker 

C. A BIOS update 

D. A hardware volume control 

Answer: D 

Q203. A technician dropped a screw in the case of a desktop computer. Which of the following tools should be used to retrieve the screws? 

A. Computer vacuum 

B. Plastic tweezers 

C. Canned air 

D. Screwdriver with magnetized tip 

Answer: B 

Q204. Which of the following channels, when used in close proximity to one another, provide the BEST protection against crosstalk? 

A. 1 and 11 

B. 2 and 10 

C. 6 and 1 

D. 6 and 11 

Answer: A 

Q205. A user is experiencing headaches and motion sickness symptoms when using their new computer monitor. Which of the following can a technician adjust to help the user? 

A. Privacy filter 

B. Refresh rate 

C. Use a digital signal 

D. Brightness 

Answer: B 

Q206. Which of the following technologies has the HIGHEST potential throughput? 


B. Fiber 

C. Satellite 

D. Cable 

Answer: B 

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Q207. A customer reports the optical drive is no longer responding. Which of the following questions should be asked FIRST? 

A. “Did you log in with an administrator account?” 

B. “Have you been to any inappropriate websites?” 

C. “What have you changed since the optical drive worked properly?” 

D. “What has changed since the optical drive worked properly?” 

Answer: D 

Q208. A user states that their laser printer prints black and white streaks about half an inch wide down the left side of every page. Which of the following components MOST likely needs replacing? 

A. Toner 

B. Transfer roller 

C. Fuser 

D. Pickup assembly 

Answer: C 

Q209. Which of the following Internet technologies has the slowest potential upload speed due to inherent latency issues? 

A. 3G 

B. 4G 

C. Satellite 

D. Fiber 

Answer: C 

Q210. A user reports poor picture quality with a laptop connected to an LCD. Which of the following should the technician check FIRST for optimal picture quality? 

A. Native resolution 

B. Color depth 

C. Minimum brightness 

D. Maximum brightness 

Answer: A 

Q211. A user states that whenever they try to launch a certain installed application, they hear unusual whirring/clicking sounds from their machine and the application never loads. Which of the following components would a technician MOST likely need to replace? 

A. Hard Disk Drive 

B. Optical Drive 

C. Power Supply Unit 

D. Case Fan 

Answer: A 

Q212. Which of the following is used to deny or allow access to a wireless router network? 




D. MAC filtering 

Answer: D 

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Q213. After hardware upgrades have been installed, the technician boots the computer system. No display output is observed but a beeping is heard from the computer. Which of the following is the MOST likely issue? 

A. Hard drive cables are not connected. 

B. BIOS chips are not seated properly. 

C. The power supply is not functioning. 

D. Video card is not seated properly. 

Answer: D 

Q214. Which of the following devices is used to move frames between a source and destination based on a MAC address? 

A. Repeater 

B. Hub 

C. Router 

D. Switch 

Answer: D 

Q215. Which of the following network media types uses laser light to carry the information? 

A. IEEE 1394 


C. RG-6 

D. Fiber 

Answer: D 

Q216. A technician needs to upgrade the memory in a laptop. Which of the following memory types would be the correct type? 





Answer: D 

Q217. A user notices the department laser printer is printing light. Which of the following items should a technician do FIRST to fix this issue? 

A. Remove and clean the fuser assembly with an alcohol based cleaner. 

B. Install a maintenance kit and reset all page counts to zero. 

C. Perform a full power cycle on the printer. 

D. Clean the paper path with a damp cloth and canned air to remove any debris. 

Answer: B 

Q218. Which of the following can be hot-swappable? 

A. Hard drive 

B. Tape drive 

C. Floppy drive 


Answer: A 

Q219. A user reports that their hard drive has failed and needs to be replaced. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST? 

A. Run the hard disk manufacturer’s diagnostic program 

B. Re-image the drive 

C. Replace the hard drive and load Windows 

D. Ask the user diagnostic questions 

Answer: D 

Q220. Which of the following configurations has the BEST performance capability? 

A. DDR without ECC 

B. DDR with ECC 

C. SDRAM without ECC 

D. SDRAM with ECC 

Answer: A 

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