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Exam Name: vSphere 6 Foundations Beta Exam
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2016 May 2V0-620 Study Guide Questions:

Q121. Which three features are not supported when using Fault Tolerance in vSphere 6.x? (Choose three.) 

A. Virtual Volumes (VVOLS) 

B. Storage vMotion 

C. Virtual Machine Component Protection 

D. vMotion 

E. vSphere Distributed Switches 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q122. An administrator is virtualizing a physical application server and adding it to an existing multi-tiered vApp. The application license is currently tied to the physical NIC's MAC address, so the administrator needs to ensure the license will function properly in the virtual machine. 

Which two actions can the administrator take to satisfy this task? (Choose two.) 

A. Set the MAC address for the vNIC in the guest operating system. 

B. Install the physical server's NIC into the ESXi host. 

C. Configure the MAC address for the vNIC using the vSphere Web Client. 

D. Assign the physical server NIC's MAC address in the vSphere Distributed Switch. 

Answer: A,C 

Q123. Which Single Sign-On deployment mode should an administrator use for two 6.x vCenter Servers configured with linked mode? 

A. Basic Single Sign-On with vCenter Server Heartbeat 

B. Multisite Single Sign-On 

C. Basic Single Sign-On 

D. Single Sign-On with Linked Mode 

Answer: B 

Q124. An administrator wants to add a web server to an existing multi-tier application consisting of three virtual machines: A web server A database server An application server 

The web server should be added to the application when the primary web server reaches: 

70% vCPU utilization 55% active memory 

Which option will achieve this result? 

A. Create a virtual machine alarm with an action to run a script that starts a new instance of the web server. 

B. Create a host cpu and memory alarm with an action to run a script that starts a new instance of the webserver. 

C. Configure HA application monitoring for the web server and set it to trigger deployment of a new instance of the web server. 

D. Configure Fault Tolerance on the virtual machine and leave the secondary machine disabled until needed. 

Answer: A 

Q125. An administrator logs into the vSphere Web Client, but is unable to see any hosts and clusters. 

Which two options could fix the problem? (Choose two.) 

A. Verify that the client web browser and vCenter Server are in the same broadcast domain. 

B. Verify that the vCenter Server system is registered with the same Platform Services Controller as the vSphere Web Client. 

C. Log in to the vCenter Server as a user within the Active Directory domain. 

D. Log in to the vSphere Web Client as a user with permissions on the vCenter Server system. 

Answer: B,D 

2V0-620  test questions

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Q126. During the installation of ESXi 6.0, the following error message is reported: Hardware Virtualization is not a feature of the CPU, or is not enabled in the BIOS. 

Which condition would generate this message? 

A. LAHF/SAHF is not enabled in the BIOS. 

B. NX/XD is not enabled in the BIOS. 

C. SSE3 is not enabled in the BIOS. 

D. Hyperthreading is not enabled in the BIOS. 

Answer: A 

Q127. Your manager has given you a bash script that retrieves data for ESXi 6.x host configurations. This data needs to be collected right after the installation of a host and must be run directly on the host. 

Which two actions can be used to run this script on an ESXi host? (Choose two.) 

A. Connect to the host with Ruby vSphere Console and run the script from there. 

B. Enable SSH access from the Direct Console User Interface. 

C. Enable the ESXi Shell from the Direct Console User Interface. 

D. Run the script directly from the vSphere Web Client. 

Answer: B,C 

Q128. An administrator creates an ESXi cluster using vSphere Auto Deploy. The ESXi hosts are configured to get a management IP address from a DHCP server. The administrator needs to troubleshoot the management network on one of the hosts. Which DCUI option should the administrator use to renew the DHCP lease? 

A. Restart Management Network 

B. Restore Network Settings 

C. Test Management Network 

D. Configure Management Network 

Answer: A 

Q129. An administrator is re-provisioning an ESXi host and moving it to another datacenter. 

Which DCUI option should the administrator use to revert the system configuration to the default settings? 

A. Reset System Configuration 

B. Rebuild Default System Configuration 

C. Revert System Configuration 

D. Renew Default System Configuration 

Answer: A 

Q130. Which three are architecture components of vRealize Operations? (Choose three.) 

A. Identity Server 

B. Administrative Server 

C. Analytics Server 

D. Database Server 

E. Connection Broker 

Answer: B,C,D 


Simulation 2v0-620 dump:

Q131. An administrator needs to monitor traffic on vSwitches in a vSphere 6.x environment. 

Which option, if configured, would accomplish this task? 

A. Forged Transmits 

B. MAC Address Changes 

C. Promiscuous Mode 

D. Notify Switches 

Answer: C 

Q132. Which two SMTP Notification Event Details are specific to alarms triggered by events? (Choose two.) 

A. User Name 

B. Summary 

C. Old Status 

D. Target 

Answer: A,B 

Q133. Which three connection types are available when configuring a vSwitch in the vSphere Web Client? (Choose three.) 

A. VMkernel Network Adapter 

B. Physical Network Adapter 

C. Virtual Machine Port Group for a Standard Switch 

D. vMotion Network Adapter 

E. vSAN Network Adapter 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q134. An administrator has just completed performing an interactive installation of ESXi 6.x and is booting the host. 

How is the network initially configured? 

A. The network is configured by Automatic Private IP Addressing (APIPA). 

B. The network is configured based on the settings detected in DNS. 

C. The network is configured with the address as specified in the installer. 

D. The network is automatically configured by DHCP. 

Answer: D 

Q135. An administrator is cloning and configuring five new web server virtual machines. What would be the benefit of configuring resource shares for the new VMs? 

A. To prioritize access to a resource during contention. 

B. To guarantee access to a resource during contention. 

C. To prioritize access to a resource before contention occurs. 

D. To guarantee access to a resource before contention occurs. 

Answer: A 

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