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2016 May 2V0-620 Study Guide Questions:

Q31. A new vApp was built and tested in the corporate headquarters datacenter running vSphere 6.x. 

What condition would explain why the virtual machine is failing to boot in an offsite datacenter running on vSphere 5.5? 

A. The virtual machine was built with the default hardware version. 

B. The VMFS 5 datastore is not compatible with virtual machines configured with vSphere 6.x. 

C. A DRS 5.5 cluster cannot run virtual machines configured with vSphere 6.x. 

D. The VMDK file is locked. 

Answer: A 

Q32. When you add an ESXi 6.x host to a new Cluster, which vSphere object owns the CPU and Memory resources of the hosts? 

A. vCenter Server 

B. Datacenter 

C. Cluster 

D. Host 

Answer: C 

Q33. A vApp template recently added to a Content Library is not displayed. 

Which two actions could correct this problem? (Choose two.) 

A. Manually synchronize the library 

B. Select the Download all library content immediately option 

C. Select the Sync subscribed library option 

D. Manually download the vApp template 

Answer: A,B 

Q34. What is a valid plug-in status for a plug-in that has been added to a vSphere client? 

A. Disabled 

B. Unknown 

C. Stopped 

D. Installed 

Answer: A 

Q35. Which three traffic types are available services options when configuring a vmkernel port? (Choose three.) 

A. Provisioning Traffic 

B. Virtual Volumes Traffic 

C. vSphere Replication NFC Traffic 

D. Virtual SAN Traffic 

E. FCoE Traffic 

Answer: A,C,D

Latest 2v0-620 exam:

Q36. Refer to the Exhibit. -- Exhibit --

An administrator is analyzing a virtual machine as shown in the Exhibit. 

What is the current long term risk for this virtual machine? 

A. The virtual machine may run out of memory before April 27. 

B. The virtual machine may continue to function after April 27. 

C. The virtual machine has adequate memory configured for operation for the next 120 days. 

D. The virtual machine has adequate memory reservation configured for operation for the next 120 days. 

Answer: A 

Q37. After installation of a host in your test environment, you need to move it to production. The only major change that needs to be made is that the hostname of the server needs to change. 

What are two ways that an administrator can change the host name without editing configuration files on the host directly? (Choose two.) 

A. Login to the Direct Console User Interface and change it from here. 

B. Edit the Default TCP/IP Configuration from the vSphere Web Client. 

C. Use the Ruby vSphere Client to send a script to the ESXi host that updates the hostname. 

D. Update the information in DNS and the ESXi host will automatically update with these changes. 

Answer: A,B 

Q38. What may be a cause for failure to unmount an NFS datastore? 

A. It has active snapshot files. 

B. It is being used for High Availability (HA) heartbeat. 

C. It is part of a Cluster. 

D. It is managed by Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS). 

Answer: A 

Q39. What is a requirement when enabling a Virtual SAN cluster in an existing High Availability (HA) and Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) Cluster? 

A. Disable DRS and HA before enabling Virtual SAN 

B. Enable DRS before enabling Virtual SAN 

C. Disable HA before enabling Virtual SAN 

D. Enable Storage DRS before enabling Virtual SAN 

Answer: C 

Q40. Which two are true about the Risk badge in vRealize Operations? (Choose two.) 

A. The Risk badge indicates potential future problems that may degrade the performance of the system. 

B. Risks may require attention in the near future. 

C. The Risk badge indicates problems that are degrading performance of the system. 

D. Risks require attention now to correct system performance problems. 

Answer: A,B

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Q41. An administrator is troubleshooting basic network connectivity issues. 

Which two scenarios are potential issues that this administrator might face? (Choose two.) 

A. The vSwitch is not attached to the correct physical network. 

B. The portgroup is not configured to use correct VLAN. 

C. Traffic shaping is configured incorrectly. 

D. Jumbo frames is configured incorrectly. 

Answer: A,B 

Q42. A small company wants to use VMware products for its production systems. The system administrator needs to recommend a solution that will deliver High Availability to the company's production applications. 

What is minimum vSphere offering that will support this requirement? 

A. vSphere Essentials 

B. vSphere Essentials Plus 

C. vSphere Hypervisor 

D. vSphere Standard 

Answer: B 

Q43. Which three steps must be taken to use vSphere Update Manager 6.x to upgrade an ESXi 

5.5 host to vSphere 6.x? (Choose three.) 

A. Download an ESXi Image. 

B. Configure the vSphere Update Manager Download Service. 

C. Create a baseline and attach it to the ESXi Host. 

D. Scan the vCenter Content Library for the ESXi Image. 

E. Remediate the ESXi Host. 

Answer: A,C,E 

Q44. Which three conditions would prevent Storage I/O Control from being enabled on a group of datastores? (Choose three.) 

A. The datastores planned for the solution are used by different vSphere clusters. 

B. A datastore planned for the solution is configured as a Raw Device Mapping file. 

C. A datastore planned for the solution has three extents. 

D. A datastore planned for the solution is configured as NFS. 

E. The organization has an Enterprise license. 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q45. Which load balancing policy, previously limited to vSphere Distributed Switches, is now available on vSphere Standard Switches with vSphere 6.x? 

A. Route based on physical NIC workload 

B. Route based on IP Hash 

C. Route based on the originating virtual port 

D. Route based on Source MAC Hash 

Answer: A 

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