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2016 Apr 2V0-621 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. An administrator wants to provide users restricted access. The users should only be able to perform the following tasks: 

Create and consolidate virtual machine snapshots 

Add/Remove virtual disks 

Snapshot Management 

Which default role in vCenter Server would meet the administrator's requirements for the users? 

A. Virtual machine user 

B. Virtual machine power user 

C. Virtual Datacenter administrator 

D. VMware Consolidated Backup user 

Answer: B 

Q2. An administrator notices that a Windows virtual machine is using 95% CPU in Task Manager. 

Which two actions should be taken to resolve this issue? (Choose two.) 

A. Increase the memory reservation of the virtual machine. 

B. Increase the CPU Shares on the resource pool where the virtual machine resides. 

C. Decrease the CPU reservation of the virtual machine. 

D. Increase the CPU limit on the resource pool where the virtual machine resides. 

Answer: B,D 

Q3. In which two vsphere.local groups should an administrator avoid adding members? (Choose two.) 

A. SolutionUsers 

B. Administrators 

C. DCAdmins 

D. ExternalPDUsers 

Answer: A,B 

Q4. An administrator is configuring an identity source for Single Sign-On. The administrator will use the machine that Single Sign-On is running on, but does not want all users on the machine to be visible to SSO. 

Which Identity Source meets this requirement? 

A. Active Directory (Integrated Windows Authentication) 

B. Active Directory as an LDAP Service 

C. OpenLDAP 

D. LocalOS 

Answer: A 

2V0-621 sample question

Up to date 2V0-621 practice test:

Q5. When operating with Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) and Distributed Power Management (DPM), what two statements explain the impact of disabling vSphere High Availability admission control? (Choose two.) 

A. VMware DPM does not place hosts in standby mode if doing so would violate failover requirements. 

B. DRS does not evacuate virtual machines from a host for the purpose of placing it in maintenance or standby modes if placing the host in this state would violate failover requirements. 

C. DRS will evacuate virtual machines from hosts and places hosts in maintenance or standby modes regardless of the impact this might have on failover requirements. 

D. VMware DPM will place hosts in standby mode even if doing so violates failover requirements. 

Answer: C,D 

Q6. An administrator is troubleshooting a CPU issue for a virtual machine. The following is seen in esxtop: 

CPU0 is at 100% usage 

The remaining logical CPUs are close to 0% 

%RDY value is consistently above 10% 

What is likely the cause of the CPU issue? 

A. The virtual machine has a CPU limit configured. 

B. The virtual machine's guest operating system is configured for SMP. 

C. The virtual machine has CPU affinity configured. 

D. The virtual machine is configured with a CPU reservation. 

Answer: C 

Q7. Refer to the Exhibit. 

An administrator wishes to provide Load Balanced I/O for the device shown in the Exhibit. 

To meet this requirement, which setting should be changed? 

A. Storage Array Type Policy = VMW_NMP_RR 

B. Path Selection Policy = Round Robin (VMware) 

C. Storage Array Type Policy = VMW_SATP_RR 

D. Path Selection Policy = MRU (VMware) 

Answer: B 

Q8. Refer to the Exhibit: 

What would prevent VMware Converter from initiating the VMware Tools install during a Windows server conversion? 

A. No sysprep files available 

B. Outdated virtual machine version 

C. Power on destination not selected 

D. Reconfigure not selected 

Answer: C 

2V0-621 practice

Approved 2V0-621 :

Q9. Which Advanced Setting should be created for the vCenter Server to change the expiration policy of the vpxuser password? 

A. VimPasswordExpirationInDays 

B. VimExpirationPasswordDays 

C. VimPassExpirationInDays 

D. VimPasswordRefreshDays 

Answer: A 

Q10. An administrator has created a resource pool named Marketing HTTP with a Memory Limit of 24 GB and a CPU Limit of 10,000 MHz. 

The Marketing HTTP resource pool contains three virtual machines: 

Mktg-SQL has a memory reservation of 16 GB. 

Mktg-App has a memory reservation of 6 GB. 

Mktg-Web has a memory reservation of 4 GB. 

What would happen if all three virtual machines are powered on? 

A. All three virtual machines can power on, but will have memory contention. 

B. All three virtual machines can power on without memory contention. 

C. Only two of the three virtual machines can power on. 

D. Only one of the virtual machines can power on. 

Answer: C 

Q11. A failed upgrade from vCenter Server version 5.x to version 6.0 produces the following error: 

[00800 error 'Default'] Database version id '600' is incompatible with this release of VirtualCenter. 

What is the cause of the upgrade failure? 

A. There was a database schema upgrade failure during the installation. 

B. The VMWAREVCMSDS service was upgraded before the vCenter Server service. 

C. The VMware Directory Service database failed during the installation. 

D. There was an incompatible ODBC driver version for the database. 

Answer: A 

Q12. What is the name of the High Availability agent log? 

A. fdm.log 

B. ha.log 

C. vpxa.log 

D. aam.log 

Answer: A 

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