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New Cisco 300-075 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 12 - Question 21)

New Questions 12

Which three messages does a Cisco VCS use to monitor the Presence status of endpoints?

(Choose three.)

A. start-call

B. in-all

C. end-call

D. call-ended

E. call-started

F. registration

Answer: B,D,F

Explanation: Reference: sence_ status_endpoints_kb_186.html

New Questions 13

Which commands are needed to configure Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express in SRST mode?

A. telephony-service and srst mode

B. telephony-service and moh

C. call-manager-fallback and srst mode

D. call-manager-fallback and voice-translation

Answer: A

New Questions 14

A voice engineer is enabling video capabilities between H.323 and SIP endpoints. Which component allows for standardized caller addresses between the endpoints?

A. search rules

B. SIP route pattern

C. policy service

D. transform

Answer: B

Explanation: Reference: 186a00


New Questions 15

Refer to the exhibit.

The "DSCP for Video Calls" Cisco CallManager service parameter is set to 34. What is the correct DSCP value to use when configuring a class map in a Cisco IOS router?

A. cs4

B. ef

C. af23

D. af41

Answer: D

New Questions 16

Which statement about the host portion format in Cisco Unified Communications Manager URI dialing is false?

A. The host portion cannot start or end with a hyphen.

B. The host portion is not case sensitive.

C. The host portion accepts characters a-z, A-Z, 0-9, hyphens, and periods.

D. The host portion can have two periods in a row.

Answer: D

New Questions 17


There are two call control systems in this item.

The Cisco UCM is controlling the DX650, the Cisco Jabber for Windows Client, and the 7965 and 9971 Video IP Phones.

The Cisco VCS and TMS control the Cisco TelePresence Conductor, the Cisco TelePresence MCU, and the Cisco Jabber TelePresence for Windows.

DNS Server:

Device Pool:





Speed Dial:

SIP Trunk:

The intercluster URI call routing no longer allows calls between sites. What is the reason why this would happen?

A. Wrong SIP domain configured.

B. User is not associated with the device.

C. IP or DNS name resolution issue.

D. No SIP route patterns for cisco.lab exist.

Answer: C,D

New Questions 18

When you configure QoS on VCS, which settings do you apply if traffic through the VCS should be tagged with DSCP AF41?

A. Set QoS mode to DiffServ and tag value 32.

B. Set QoS mode to IntServ and tag value to 34.

C. Set QoS mode to DiffServ and tag value 34.

D. Set QoS mode to IntServ and tag value to 32.

E. Set QoS mode to ToS and tag value to 32.

Answer: C

New Questions 19

Which two items must you configure in Cisco Unified Communications Manager to deploy Cisco SAF? (Choose two)

A. an MWI

B. voicemail ports

C. a security profile

D. a forwarder

E. a remote destination profile

Answer: C,D

New Questions 20

An administrator is setting up analog phones that connect to a Cisco VG310. Which type of gateway or trunk on Cisco Unified Communication Manager for the Cisco VG310 must the administrator set up to allow the phones to have the call pickup feature?

A. H.323 gateway

B. SCCP gateway

C. H.225 trunk

D. MGCP gateway

E. SIP trunk

Answer: B


New Questions 21

Which component provides a list of Cisco Unified Communications Manager node addresses that allow the phone to register to the cluster?

A. DNS option 150

B. DHCP option 150

C. DHCP option 66

D. configuration file from TFTP server

E. Primary Cisco Unified Communications Manager node from configuration file additional nodes during registration.

Answer: B

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