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New Cisco 300-115 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 7 - Question 17)

New Questions 7

A network engineer is trying to deploy a PC on a network. The engineer observes that when the PC is connected to the network, it takes 30 to 60 seconds for the PC to see any activity on the network interface card. Which Layer 2 enhancement can be used to eliminate this delay?

A. Configure port duplex and speed to auto negotiation.

B. Configure port to duplex full and speed 1000.

C. Configure spanning-tree portfast.

D. Configure no switchport.

Answer: C

New Questions 8

A network engineer notices inconsistent Cisco Discovery Protocol neighbors according to the diagram that is provided. The engineer notices only a single neighbor that uses Cisco Discovery Protocol, but it has several routing neighbor relationships. What would cause the output to show only the single neighbor?

A. The routers are connected via a Layer 2 switch.

B. IP routing is disabled on neighboring devices.

C. Cisco Express Forwarding is enabled locally.

D. Cisco Discovery Protocol advertisements are inconsistent between the local and remote devices.

Answer: A

New Questions 9

Which statement about Cisco devices learning about each other through Cisco Discovery Protocol is true?

A. Each device sends periodic advertisements to multicast address 01:00:0C:CC:CC:CC.

B. Each device broadcasts periodic advertisements to all of its neighbors.

C. Each device sends periodic advertisements to a central device that builds the network topology.

D. Each device sends periodic advertisements to all IP addresses in its ARP table.

Answer: A

New Questions 10

A network engineer configured an Ethernet switch using these commands.

Switchone(config) # Spanning-tree portfast bpdufilter default

Which statement about the spanning-tree portfast feature on the switch is true?

A. If an interface is enabled for portfast receives BDPU, the port goes through the spanning-tree listening, learning, and forwarding states.

B. If an interface is enabled for portfast receives BDPU, the port does not go through the spanning-tree listening, learning, and forwarding states.

C. If an interface is enabled for portfast receives BDPU, the port is shut down immediately.

D. If an interface is enabled for portfast receives BDPU, the port goes into the spanning- tree inconsistent state.

Answer: A

New Questions 11

CORRECT is an IT company that has an existing enterprise network comprised of two layer 2 only switches; DSW1 and ASW1. The topology diagram indicates their layer 2 mapping. VLAN 20 is a new VLAN that will be used to provide the shipping personnel access to the server. Corporate polices do not allow layer 3 functionality to be enabled on the switches. For security reasons, it is necessary to restrict access to VLAN 20 in the following manner:

u2022 Users connecting to VLAN 20 via portfO/1 on ASW1 must be authenticated before they are given access to the network. Authentication is to be done via a Radius server:

u2022 Radius server host:

u2022 Radius key: rad123

u2022 Authentication should be implemented as close to the host as possible.

u2022 Devices on VLAN 20 are restricted to the subnet of

u2022 Packets from devices in the subnet of should be allowed on VLAN 20.

u2022 Packets from devices in any other address range should be dropped on VLAN 20.

u2022 Filtering should be implemented as close to the serverfarm as possible.

The Radius server and application servers will be installed at a future date. You have been tasked with implementing the above access control as a pre-condition to installing the servers. You must use the available IOS switch features.


The configuration:

Step1: Console to ASW1 from PC console 1 ASW1(config)#aaa new-model

ASW1(config)#radius-server host key rad123 ASW1(config)#aaa authentication dot1x default group radius ASW1(config)#dot1x system-auth-control ASW1(config)#inter fastEthernet 0/1

ASW1(config-if)#switchport mode access ASW1(config-if)#dot1x port-control auto ASW1(config-if)#exit

ASW1#copy run start

Step2: Console to DSW1 from PC console 2 DSW1(config)#ip access-list standard 10 DSW1(config-ext-nacl)#permit DSW1(config-ext-nacl)#exit

DSW1(config)#vlan access-map PASS 10 DSW1(config-access-map)#match ip address 10 DSW1(config-access-map)#action forward DSW1(config-access-map)#exit DSW1(config)#vlan access-map PASS 20 DSW1(config-access-map)#action drop DSW1(config-access-map)#exit DSW1(config)#vlan filter PASS vlan-list 20

DSW1#copy run start

New Questions 12

Which feature is automatically configured when an administrator enables a voice VLAN?

A. 802.1Q trunking

B. PortFast

C. QoS

D. private VLANs

Answer: B

New Questions 13

A network administrator configures 10 extended VLANs ranging from VLANs 3051 to 3060 in an enterprise network. Which version of VTP supports these extended VLANs?

A. version 1

B. version 2

C. version 3

D. VTP does not recognize extended VLANs.

Answer: C

New Questions 14

What is the command for configuring root guard?

A. (config) spanning-tree guard root

B. (config-if) spanning-tree guard root

Answer: B

New Questions 15

After UDLD is implemented, a Network Administrator noticed that one port stops receiving UDLD packets. This port continues to reestablish until after eight failed retries. The port then transitions into the errdisable state. Which option describes what causes the port to go into the errdisable state?

A. Normal UDLD operations that prevent traffic loops.

B. UDLD port is configured in aggressive mode.

C. UDLD is enabled globally.

D. UDLD timers are inconsistent.

Answer: B

New Questions 16

Ferris Plastics, Inc. is a medium sized company, with an enterprise network (access, distribution and core switches) that provides LAN connectivity from user PCs to corporate servers. The distribution switches are configured to use HSRP to provide a high availability solution.

u2022 DSW1 -primary device for VLAN 101 VLAN 102 and VLAN 105

u2022 DSW2 - primary device for VLAN 103 and VLAN 104

u2022 A failure of GigabitEthemet1/0/1 on primary device should cause the primary device to release its status as the primary device, unless GigabitEthernet1/0/1 on backup device has also failed.

Troubleshooting has identified several issues. Currently all interfaces are up. Using the running configurations and show commands, you have been asked to investigate and respond to the following question.

What is the priority value of the VLAN 105 HSRP group on DSW2?

A. 50

B. 100

C. 150

D. 200

Answer: B

New Questions 17

Which type of information does the DHCP snooping binding database contain?

A. untrusted hosts with leased IP addresses

B. trusted hosts with leased IP addresses

C. untrusted hosts with available IP addresses

D. trusted hosts with available IP addresses

Answer: A

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