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New Cisco 300-115 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 12 - Question 21)

Q1. During the implementation of a voice solution, which two required items are configured at an access layer switch that will be connected to an IP phone to provide VoIP communication? (Choose two.)

A. allowed codecs

B. untagged VLAN

C. auxiliary VLAN

D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager IP address


Answer: B,C

Q2. Which two DTP negotiated interface mode combinations negotiate to form an access port? (Choose two )

A. dynamic auto and dynamic auto

B. renegotiate and trunk

C. dynamic auto and trunk

D. dynamic desirable and access

E. dynamic desirable and dynamic auto

Answer: A,D

Q3. Refer to the exhibit. On the basis of the output of the show spanning-tree inconsistentports command, which statement about interfaces FastEthernet 0/1 and FastEthernet 0/2 is true?

A. They have been configured with the spanning-tree bpdufilter disable command.

B. They have been configured with the spanning-tree bpdufilter enable command.

C. They have been configured with the spanning-tree bpduguard disable command.

D. They have been configured with the spanning-tree bpduguard enable command.

E. They have been configured with the spanning-tree guard loop command.

F. They have been configured with the spanning-tree guard root command.

Answer: F

Q4. Which two configuration requirements for port security are true? (Choose two.)

A. Port must be in access mode

B. Port security must be enabled on the port level

C. Port must be in interface VLAN mode

D. Port security must be disabled on the port level

E. Port must be in encapsulation mode

Answer: A,B

Q5. An enterprise network has port security sticky enabled on all access ports. A network administrator moves a PC from one office desk to another After the PC is moved, the network administrator clears the port security on the new network switch port connecting to the PC, but the port keeps going back into err-disabled mode. Which two factors are possible causes of this issue? (Choose two)

A. Port security sticky exists on the new network switch port.

B. Port security sticky is disabled on the new network switch port.

C. Port security must be disabled on all access ports.

D. Port security is still enabled on the older network switch port.

E. Port security sticky is still enabled on the older network switch port.

Answer: A,E

Q6. Refer to the exhibit.

Which statement about the SPAN and RSPAN configuration on SW1 is true?

A. SPAN session 2 only monitors egress traffic exiting port FastEthernet 0/14.

B. RSPAN session 1 monitors activity on VLAN 50 of a remote switch.

C. RSPAN session 1 is incompletely configured for monitoring.

D. SPAN session 2 monitors all traffic entering and exiting port FastEthernet 0/15.

Answer: C

Q7. When a switch is added to a stack, which switch automatically configures the new switch with the correct IOS?

A. master

B. peer

C. adjacent

D. slave

Answer: A

Q8. What is cisco recommendation for RSPAN best practice?

A. you should configure remote vlan first

B. use different vlan for multiple/different switches

C. use different portchannel

Answer: A

Q9. A Cisco Catalyst switch that is prone to reboots continues to rebuild the DHCP snooping database. What is the solution to avoid the snooping database from being rebuilt after every device reboot?

A. A DHCP snooping database agent should be configured.

B. Enable DHCP snooping for all VLANs that are associated with the switch.

C. Disable Option 82 for DHCP data insertion.

D. Use IP Source Guard to protect the DHCP binding table entries from being lost upon


E. Apply ip dhcp snooping trust on all interfaces with dynamic addresses.

Answer: A

Q10. What two things occur when an RSTP edge port receives a BPDU? (Choose two.)

A. The port immediately transitions to the forwarding state.

B. The switch generates a Topology Change Notification BPDU.

C. The port immediately transitions to the err-disable state.

D. The port becomes a normal STP switch port.

Answer: B,D

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