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2016 May 300-206 Study Guide Questions:

Q71. Which technology provides forwarding-plane abstraction to support Layer 2 to Layer 7 network services in Cisco Nexus 1000V? 

A. Virtual Service Node 

B. Virtual Service Gateway 

C. Virtual Service Data Path 

D. Virtual Service Agent 

Answer: C 

Q72. Which two options are.protocols and tools that are used by the management plane when discussing Cisco ASA general management plane hardening? (Choose two.) 

A. ICMP unreachables 

B. NetFlow 

C. syslog 

D. Routing Protocol Authentication 

E. Cisco URL Filtering 

F. threat detection 

G. Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding 

Answer: B,C 

Q73. What are the three types of private VLAN ports? (Choose three.) 

A. promiscuous 

B. isolated 

C. community 

D. primary 

E. secondary 

F. trunk 

Answer: A,B,C 

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Q74. At which layer does Dynamic ARP Inspection validate packets? 

A. Layer 2 

B. Layer 3 

C. Layer 4 

D. Layer 7 

Answer: A 

Q75. A network administrator is creating an ASA-CX administrative user account with the following parameters: 

The user will be responsible for configuring security policies on network devices. 

The user needs read-write access to policies. 

The account has no more rights than necessary for the job. 

What role will be assigned to the user? 

A. Administrator 

B. Security administrator 

C. System administrator 

D. Root Administrator 

E. Exec administrator 

Answer: B 

Q76. Which two TCP ports must be open on the Cisco Security Manager server to allow the server to communicate with the Cisco Security Manager client? (Choose two.) 

A. 1741 

B. 443 

C. 80 

D. 1740 

E. 8080 

Answer: A,B 


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Q77. Which security operations management best practice should be followed to enable appropriate network access for administrators? 

A. Provide full network access from dedicated network administration systems 

B. Configure the same management account on every network device 

C. Dedicate a separate physical or logical plane for management traffic 

D. Configure switches as terminal servers for secure device access 

Answer: C 

Q78. What is the result of the default ip ssh server authenticate user command? 

A. It enables the public key, keyboard, and password authentication methods. B. It enables the public key authentication method only. 

C. It enables the keyboard authentication method only. 

D. It enables the password authentication method only. 

Answer: A 

Q79. What is the primary purpose of stateful pattern recognition in Cisco IPS networks? 

A. mitigating man-in-the-middle attacks 

B. using multipacket inspection across all protocols to identify vulnerability-based attacks and to thwart attacks that hide within a data stream 

C. detecting and preventing MAC address spoofing in switched environments 

D. identifying Layer 2 ARP attacks 

Answer: B 

Q80. Which VTP mode supports private VLANs on a switch? 

A. transparent 

B. server 

C. client 

D. off 

Answer: A 

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