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2016 Jul 300-320 dumps:

Q196. Which VPN technology is tunnel-less? 




D. IPsec VPN 

Answer: A 

Q197. A designer should have which three technologies in the network before configuring MPLS Layer 3 VPNs? (Choose three.) 



C. Cisco Express Forwarding 


E. vPC 


Answer: A,B,C 

Q198. Which three Layer 2 access designs have all of their uplinks in an active state? (Choose three.) 

A. Flex Links 

B. loop-free U 

C. looped square 

D. looped triangle 

E. loop-free inverted U 

Answer: B,C,E 

Q199. What are two characteristics of Server Load Balancing router mode? (Choose two.) 

A. The design supports multiple server subnets. 

B. An end-user sees the IP address of the real server. 

C. SLB routes between the outside and inside subnets. 

D. The source or destination MAC address is rewritten, but the IP addresses left alone. 

E. SLB acts as a "bump in the wire" between servers and upstream firewall or Layer 3 devices. 

Answer: A,C 



Q201. Which action can be taken on a multiaccess segment with OSPF speakers to reduce the performance impact during widespread convergence events? 

A. Separate the network into multiple areas for each new multiaccess segment. 

B. Enable LSA throttling in the core to slow link state advertisement updates during times of network instability. 

C. Ensure that the elected DR or BDR router can support high-volume convergence events. 

D. Verify that fewer than 50 OSPF speakers are on the segment. 

Answer: C 

Q202. Which of the following two are effective and simple means of employing route summarization within the Enterprise Campus network? (Choose two) 

A. A default route ( /0) advertised dynamically into the rest of the network 

B. Route filtering to manage traffic flows in the network, avoid inappropriate transit traffic through remote nodes, and provide a defense against inaccurate or inappropriate routing updates 

C. Use manual split horizon 

D. Use a structured hierarchical topology to control the propagation of EIGRP queries 

E. Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) stub areas 

Answer: A,E 

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Q203. When considering the design of the E-Commerce topology which of the following are true? 

A. One-armed SLB design with multiple security contexts removes the need for a separate firewall in the core layer 

B. Two-firewall-layer SLB design considers the aggregation and access layers to be trusted zones, requiring no security between the web, application, and database zones 

C. One-armed SLB design with two firewall layers ensures that non load-balanced traffic still traverses the ACE so that the health and performance of the servers is still being monitored 

D. In all cases there will be configuration requirements for direct access to any servers or for nonload-balanced sessions initiated by the servers 

Answer: A 

Q204. Which of the following features might be used by the Enterprise Campus network designer as a means of route filtering? 

A. IPv4 static routes 

B. Route tagging using a route map in an ACL 

C. Tagging routes using the BGP MED 

D. EIGRP stub networks 

Answer: D 

Q205. Which option is a method of restricting access for users based on user roles and locales? A. RBAC 




Answer: A 

Q206. What are the three configuration requirements for implementing Modular QoS on a router? (Choose three.) 

A. CoS 

B. class map 

C. precedence 

D. service policy 

E. priority 

F. policy map 

Answer: B,D,F 

Q207. Which three authentication services are supported by Cisco NAC Appliance? (Choose three.) 



C. Kerberos 


E. local 


Answer: A,B,C 

Q208. Which of these is a recommended practice with trunks? 

A. use ISL encapsulation 

B. use 802.1q encapsulation 

C. set ISL to desirable and auto with encapsulation negotiate to support ILS protocol negotiation 

D. use VTP server mode to support dynamic propagation of VLAN information across the network 

Answer: B 

Q209. Which option is.correct when.using VSS to combine two physical switches into one logical switch? 

A. Both data planes forward traffic simultaneously. 

B. Only one data plane forwards traffic, while the other data plane is on standby. 

C. Both control planes forward traffic simultaneously. 

D. Control planes are combined into one virtual control plane. 

Answer: D 

Q210. Which option describes the purpose of the auto-cost reference bandwidth 10000 command under the OSPF process? 

A. Recognize redundant 10 Megabit links. 

B. Differentiate cost on a 10 Gigabit Ethernet trunk link. 

C. Change the default bandwidth for a 100 Megabit link. 

D. Adjust the link bandwidth for routing protocols. 

Answer: B 

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