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Exam Code: 3101 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Avaya Aura® Communication Manager and CM Messaging - Embedded Maintenance and Troubleshooting Exam
Certification Provider: Avaya
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Q31. A user is unable to complete a call and you have initially determined that the user dialed a valid number. You have replicated the conditions and have run a list trace station report; however you would like a complementary log file to confirm the report. A. Log manager debug trace 

B. Communication Manager restart log 

C. Linux syslog 

D. Linux access security log 

E. Linux scheduled task (CRON) 



Page 232 Maintenance Procedures for Communication Manager, Media Gateways and Servers 

Q32. Occasionally, a user in network region 1 lifts the handset to call a user In network region 2, and although the active red and green lights are operable, there is no dial tone. 

Which two possible causes should you investigate? (Choose two.) 

A. IP Softphone not enabled on the station form 

B. H.323 and SIP endpoints are incompatible when used together 

C. DSP resources out of service 

D. Network Region incompatibly administered 

E. Station does not have a voice mailbox assigned 

Answer: CD 

Q33. Users at a branch office report that they can make and receive calls, but the system is behaving differently: 

1. Caller ID previously displayed on incoming outside calls but does not now The name and number of the calling party displays on internal calls but is different now 

Users can place callers on hold, but there is no music on hold while the caller is waiting 

What condition explains the system behavior? 

A. An Enterprise Survivable Server (ESS) has taken over functionality 

B. Standard Local Survivability (SLS) has taken over functionality 

C. A Local Survivable Processor (LSP) has taken over functionality 

D. The media Gateway Controller (MGC) list is net administered 


Q34. Which document would you use to interpret the information in the exhibit? 


A. Communication Manager Alarms 

B. Communication Manager procedures 

C. Communication Manager server Alarms 

D. Communication Manager Denial Event 


Q35. A mailbox must have a valid entry in the Type Field. 

Which four options can you use In the Type field for a subscriber mailbox? 

A. Call Answer, None, Broadcast, Auto-Attendant 

B. Auto-Attendant, Guest mailbox, None, Bulletin-Board 

C. Bulletin-Board, None, Announcement-control, Auto-Attendant 

D. None, Call Answer, Bulletin-board, Auto-Attendant 


Q36. Avaya Aura Communication Manager 6.x designed to preserve calls during a failover and failback. Which statement describes call preservation during failover and failback? 

A. Only internal calls are preserved 

B. Only external calls are preserved 

C. Stable calls are preserved under certain conditions 

D. All calls are preserved regardless of origination, destination, or call type 



Reference Page 112 Maintenance Procedures for Communication Manager, Media Gateways and Servers 

Q37. Which SAT command lists the status of LSPs and ESSs? 

A. List survivable-processor 

B. display system-parameters duplication 

C. List configuration stations 

D. status station 


Q38. You periodically run traffic measurement reports to monitor system performance. From the Administration/Messaging web interface Server reports menu, you select the following traffic measurements requirements: 

Type: Feature 

Cycle: Hourly 

Start Date: March 1 2011 Hour 8 

If today is March 3 2011, what information would you expect the report to return? 

A. All features traffic information for March at 8 hour intervals 

B. Messaging features traffic information for March 1 Hour 8 

C. Answer features traffic information for the month of March 

D. All features traffic information for March 1 Hour 8 


Q39. Which two switching processes work together in an external call process setup? (Choose two) 

A. Hunt group 

B. Pickup group 

C. Trunk group 

D. signaling group 

E. Abbreviated dialing group 

Answer: CD 

Q40. The main server has failed and several G650 gateways have reconnected to alternate servers. What mechanism controls G650 failover? 

A. H.248 Link Bounce timer 

B. H.323 Link Bounce timer 

C. IPSI priority list administered on the LSP 

D. IPSI priority list administered on the ESS 


Explanation: Reference Page 45 Avaya Aura. Communication Manager Survivability Options