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2017 Jan 352-001 ccde:

Q91. In which two ways is a network design improved by the inclusion of IP Event Dampening? (Choose two.) 

A. reduces processing load 

B. provides sub-second convergence 

C. improves network stability 

D. prevents routing loops 

E. quickly detects network failures 

Answer: AC 

Q92. Network designers plan to interconnect two geographically separated data centers using an Ethernet-over-MPLS pseudowire. Within that design, the link between the sites is stable, there are no apparent loops in the topology, and the root bridges for the respective VLANs are stable and unchanging. What additional aspect of the design should be adjusted to mitigate the chance of connectivity issues to the peer data center when the connection takes place? 

A. Enable 802.1d on one data center, and 802.1w on the other. 

B. Ensure that the spanning tree diameter for one or more VLANs is not too large. 

C. Enable UDLD on the link between the data centers. 

D. Enable root guard on the link between the data centers. 


Q93. Which two options are characteristics of firewall transparent mode operations in a firewall solution design? (Choose two.) 

A. The firewall acts like a router hop in the network. 

B. OSPF adjacencies can be established through the firewall. 

C. Changes in the existing IP addressing and subnets are required. 

D. Multicast traffic can traverse the firewall. 

E. The firewall can participate actively on spanning tree. 

Answer: BD 

Q94. Acme Corporation indicates that their network design must support the ability to scale to support a high number of remote sites. Which IGP is considered to scale better for a hub-and-spoke topology? 






Q95. As a service provider you must support a Layer 2 virtualization protocol that does not include the use of label switching. Which option can meet this design requirement? 


B. VRF-Lite 

C. QinQ 

D. 802.3ad 


Up to date balluff bis m-352-001-s115:

Q96. Your company needs to baseline web traffic on a per-session basis for network application reporting. Which two mechanisms, when combined, fulfill the requirement? (Choose two.) 

A. Flexible Netflow 

B. Remote Monitoring 

C. Cisco IOS IP Service Level Agreement 

D. Class-Based Quality of Service Management Information Base 

E. Network-Based Application Recognition 

Answer: AE 

Q97. Your company is designing a service provider network management solution in which customers are billed for 95th percentile network utilization. The service provider requires that an IETF standard be utilized to collect the data. Which method should be used to collect the data? 







Q98. You have been hired to redesign a network due to issues with congestion. How will a router function if the QoS mechanism of congestion avoidance is integrated into the existing network design? 

A. the router handles the overflow of traffic by using FIFO B. the router handles the possible buildup of congestion by using WRED 

C. the router forces inbound and outbound traffic to stay within a defined profile by using rate limiting 

D. the router separates packets based on certain characteristics by using NBAR 

E. the router marks packets based on certain characteristics by using PBR 


Q99. When creating a network design that routes an IGP over L2VPNs, with which device does the remote CE router form an IGP adjacency? 

A. the hub site PE router 

B. the hub site CE router 

C. the directly connected PE router 

D. The IGP will not establish adjacency over the MPLS network. 


Q100. You are tasked to design a QoS policy for a service provider so they can include it in the design of their MPLS core network. If the design must support an MPLS network with six classes, and CEs will be managed by the service provider, which QoS policy should be recommended? 

A. map DSCP bits into the Exp field 

B. map IP precedence bits into the DSCP field 

C. map flow-label bits into the Exp field 

D. map IP CoS bits into the IP Precedence field 

E. map IP ToS bits into the Exp field 


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