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New Cisco 400-051 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

New Questions 3

A client wants to play and compose voice messages from Microsoft Outlook. What is required for this functionality?

A. single inbox synchronisation with send and draft messages

B. single inbox with ViewMail

C. single inbox with mailboxes larger than 2 GB

D. single inbox user message delivery with folder deletion

Answer: B

New Questions 4

Which option is the main advantage of using Cisco UCS Director within a data centre environment?

A. it uses auto discovery to detect, manage, and provision system components.

B. lt uses automated workflows for resource provisioning

C. lt Supports, service chaining for physical and virtual services.

D. lt supports inventory and fault management across multiple Cisco devices

Answer: A

New Questions 5

Where can a Cisco Unified CM administrator define Call Detail Records data collection interval (Choose two.)

A. Cisco Unified Reporting

B. Cisco Unified CM Administration Enterprise Parameters

C. Cisco Unified Serviceability

D. Cisco Unified CM Administration Service Parameters

E. Call Detail Records data collection interval is not a configurable parameter.

Answer: B

New Questions 6

A Jabber for window user is on a call with cisco telepresence EX90 endpoint at the same location. During the call, the video on the jabber for Windows application was high quality but the video on the EX90 was choppy and slow. When the administrator checked the service rate on the EX90 it showed 2048 Kbps. Which two configuration changes can fix this problem?

A. Lower the bit rate in the region configuration in communication manager between the endpoints.

B. lncrease the location bandwidth for immersive video between the endpoints

C. Enable BFCP in the SlP profile for the jabber client

D. Enable H.263 on the EX90

E. Replace the camera for the jabber user with the precision HD USB camera

F. lncrease the bandwidth between the jabber video client and the EX90

Answer: EF

New Questions 7

Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer is configuring dynamic Call routing and DN learning between two Cisco Unified CM and Two Cisco Unified CME systems which two configuration steps are required for all this feature to work?

(Choose two)

A. Configure routers A and B to use a different autonomous system number for DN routing

B. Configure routers A and B to use ElGRP for lP Routing

C. Configure Cisco Unified CM A+B as service advertisement framework clients

D. Configure router A and B to use OSPF for lP Routing

E. Configure Cisco Unified CME A+B as service advertisements forwarders

F. Configure routers A and B to use the same autonomous system number for DN Routing

Answer: CF

New Questions 8

Within infrastructure as a Service, which two components are managed by the provider? (Choose two.)

A. applications

B. data

C. networking

D. servers

E. runtime

Answer: AD

New Questions 9

Tom Lee is an active user in a Cisco Unified CM deployment with fully functional LDAP synchronization and authentication to an Active Directory. Daily resynchronization is set at 11:00 pm. At 8:00 am on March 1st 2014, this user was deleted from the AD. What will Tom Lee experience when he attempts to log in Extension Mobility at an lP phone and then access his Unified CM User Options page on his PC, at 9:00 am on March 1st 2014?

A. Extension Mobility will not work, but the User Options page will work.

B. Extension Mobility and the User Options page will not work.

C. Extension Mobility will work, but the User Options page will not work.

D. Extension Mobility and the User Options page will work.

E. The information provided is insufficient to answer this Question:.

Answer: C


Account Synchronization with Active Directory

Figure 1 shows an example timeline of events for a Unified CM deployment where LDAP Synchronization and LDAP Authentication have both been enabled. The re-synchronization is set for 11:00 PM daily.

Figure 1 Change Propagation with Active Directory

After the initial synchronization, the creation, deletion, or disablement of an account will propagate to Unified CM according to the timeline shown in Figure 17-7 and as described in the following steps:

1. At 8:00 AM on January 1, an account is disabled or deleted in AD. From this time and during the whole period A, password authentication (for example, Unified CM User Options page) will fail for this user because Unified CM redirects authentication to AD. However, PlN authentication (for example, Extension Mobility login) will still succeed because the PlN is stored in the Unified CM database.

2. The periodic re-synchronization is scheduled for 11:00 PM on January 1. During that process, Unified CM will verify all accounts. Any accounts that have been disabled or deleted from AD will at that time be tagged in the Unified CM database as inactive. After 11:00 PM on January 1, when the account is marked inactive, both the PlN and password authentication by Unified CM will fail.

3. Garbage collection of accounts occurs daily at the fixed time of 3:15 AM. This process permanently deletes user information from the Unified CM database for any record that has been marked inactive for over 24 hours. ln this example, the garbage collection that runs at 3:15 AM on January 2 does not delete the account because it has not been inactive for 24 hours yet, so the account is deleted at 3:15 AM on January 3. At that point, the user data is permanently deleted from Unified CM.

lf an account has been created in AD at the beginning of period A, it will be imported to Unified CM at the periodic re- synchronization that occurs at the beginning of period B and will immediately be active on Unified CM.

New Questions 10

Which three services must be stopped to change the lM&Presence service default domain setting of DOMAlN NOT SET? (Choose three.)

A. Cisco SlP Proxy

B. Cisco ASL Web Service

C. Cisco XCP Router

D. Cisco XCP Authentication Service

E. Cisco lntercluster Sync Agent

F. Cisco Presence Engine

Answer: ACF

New Questions 11

A Cisco collaboration engineer is troubleshooting unexpected SlP call disconnect. Which three responses corresponding to the 5xx range? (Choose Three)

A. Forbidden

B. Unauthorized

C. Request timeout

D. Service unavailable

E. Bad gateway

F. lnternal server error

Answer: DEF

New Questions 12


Which two phone security functions are available to this Cisco lP phone? (Choose two.)

A. Default Authentication of TFTP downloaded files using a signing key

B. Encryption of TFTP configuration files using a signing key

C. Encrypted call signalling but unencrypted call media

D. Encrypted call media but unencrypted call signalling

E. Encrypted call signalling and media

F. Local trust verification on the

Answer: AB

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