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2017 Jan pass4sure 400-051:

Q121. Which two types of line codes are configurable for an E1 PRI controller on a Cisco IOS router? (Choose two.) 

A. CRC4 


C. B8ZS 

D. HDB3 


F. SF 

Answer: BD 

Q122. Which device is the initiator of a StationD message in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager SDI trace? 

A. SCCP IP phone 

B. SIP IP phone 

C. Cisco Unified Communications Manager 

D. MGCP analog gateway 

E. digital voice gateway 


Q123. Which two mechanisms does Cisco EnergyWise use for neighbor discovery? (Choose two.) 

A. multicast 


C. UDP broadcast 

D. Cisco Discovery Protocol 


Answer: CD 

Q124. Refer to the exhibit. 

If this SIP call is initiated using delayed offer, which SIP message will UA#2 use to communicate its media capability to UA#1? 


B. 180 Ringing 

C. 200 OK 


E. RTP Media 


Q125. In Cisco IOS routers, which chipset is the PVDM-12 DSP hardware based on? 

A. C542 

B. C549 

C. C5510 

D. C5421 

E. C5409 


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Q126. Which procedure uses H.225 messages to exchange H.245 Master-Salve Determination information? 

A. H.323 Fast Connect 

B. H.245 tunneling 

C. H.225 tunneling 

D. H.323 early media 

E. H.245 terminal capability set 


Q127. Which Cisco IM and Presence service is responsible for logging all IM traffic that passes through the IM and Presence server to an external database for IM compliance? 

A. Cisco Presence Engine 

B. Cisco Serviceability Reporter 

C. Cisco Sync Agent 

D. Cisco XCP Connection Manager 

E. Cisco XCP Message Archiver 


Q128. Which statement describes how the digit zero is handled in the predefined restriction tables in Cisco Unity Connection? 

A. Zero is listed in the Default Out-Dial Restriction table. 

B. Zero is listed in the Default System Transfer Restriction table. 

C. Zero is listed in the Default Transfer Restriction table. 

D. Zero is listed in the User-Defined and Automatically Added Alternate Extensions Restriction table. 

E. Zero is not listed in any default restriction table configuration. 


Q129. Which two applications can connect directly with a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Session Management Edition cluster? (Choose two.) 

A. Cisco Unity 

B. Cisco Unified Meeting Place Express 

C. Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise 

D. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express 

E. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Attendant Console 

F. Cisco Emergency Responder 

Answer: AB 

Q130. When IP phone A was provisioned in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager, 2001 was configured as the directory number for its first line. Also, was defined as the only directory URI on the Directory Number configuration page for this line. A few days later, an end user was created in the same Cisco Unified Communications Manager and was associated with the same phone with the primary extension set to 2001. Also, was defined as a directory URI for that end user. 

Which option about the primary directory URI for IP phone A is true? 



C. It depends on which radio button was selected next to the Directory URI entries on the Directory Configuration page. 

D. Both are primary directory URIs in a manner like a shared line for DNs. 

E. Neither are primary directory URIs for IP phone A. 


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