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Exam Code: 640-916 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Introducing Cisco Data Center Technologies - DCICT
Certification Provider: Cisco
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2016 May 640-916 Study Guide Questions:

Q11. A network design team is looking for an I/O consolidation technology that uses Cisco Nexus switches to extend convergence beyond the access layer to a fully converged network. Which option achieves this goal? 

A. single-hop FCoE 

B. multihop FCoE 

C. FabricPath 


Answer: B 

Q12. Which two are advantages of a modular data center design? (Choose two.) 

A. complexity 

B. scalability 

C. ease of management 

D. resilience 

Answer: B,D 

Q13. An engineer implemented a new VSAN and examined the F-mode trunks connecting an upstream switch. The engineer noticed that the new VSAN is stuck in initializing. Which two options explain why this is happening? (Choose two.) 

A. The new VSAN has not been configured in the upstream switch. 

B. A device has not attempted to log in to the new VSAN across the trunk. 

C. Only the primary VSAN lists as active while subordinate VSANs stay initializing. 

D. The trunk must be disabled and re-enabled to join the new VSAN. 

E. Only the secondary VSAN lists as active while primary VSANs stay initializing. 

Answer: A,B 


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Q14. What is the licensing grace period allowed on Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Switches? 

A. 30 days 

B. 60 days 

C. 90 days 

D. 120 days 

E. 150 days 

F. 180 days 

Answer: D 

Q15. When the typical TCP congestion avoidance process is engaged due to congestion, by what percentage is the congestion window reduced? 

A. 12% 

B. 25% 

C. 50% 

D. 75% 

E. 100% (send zero window) 

Answer: C 

Q16. An engineer is configuring the UCS Fabric Interconnects for network connectivity to the data center LAN and SAN. What two ports types need to be configured to allow traffic to flow properly? (Choose two.) 

A. Ethernet uplink 

B. server 

C. appliance 

D. Fibre Channel uplink 

E. Fibre Channel storage 

Answer: A,D 


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Q17. Which three are required components of a Cisco Nexus 1000V deployment? (Choose three.) 

A. Adapter FEX 

B. Virtual Ethernet Module 

C. Virtual Fibre Channel Module 

D. Virtual Supervisor Module 

E. License key 

F. VM-Fex 

Answer: B,D,E 

Q18. A network uses one pair of Layer 3 switches for core and distribution purposes. Which design is this network using? 

A. collapsed Layer 3 core 

B. collapsed Layer 2-3 

C. collapsed distribution 

D. collapsed core 

Answer: D 

Q19. Which three items in Cisco Unified Computing System are subject to finite state machine validation? (Choose three.) 

A. SNMP get 

B. local login 

C. server discovery 

D. firmware downloads 

E. server boot 

F. backup jobs 

Answer: C,D,F 

Q20. Which two configuration elements are selected during initial setup are unique to Cisco MDS 9000 series Fibre Channel switches? (Choose two.) 

A. Time and Date 

B. Management IP address 

C. Default Zoneset distribution 

D. Enforce password complexity 

E. Default switchport mode F 

Answer: C,E 

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