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Question No. 39

You are installing Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 on a Cisco UCS C210 M2 server, and the installer does not see local storage on the LSI MegaRAID SAS 9260-4i controller that is installed. Which statement explains the issue? 

A. The driver is not included in the installer DVD. Press F6 to load the LSI RAID driver from CD or virtual media. 

B. The virtual disk is not created and online. 

C. The LSI 9260-4i is only supported by Red Hat Enterprise Linux and VMware vSphere 

4.0 and later. 

D. The installer DVD for Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 did not include the LSI driver until SP2. 


Question No. 40

Which three Cisco UCS server components can be upgraded via a host firmware package? (Choose three.) 


B. Cisco UCS Manager 

C. I/O module 

D. Cisco IMC 

E. fabric interconnect 

F. adapter 

G. board controller 

Answer: AFG 

Question No. 41

A customer is configuring a network control policy in a Cisco UCS domain. The network control policy configures the network control settings for the Cisco UCS domain, including which three of these? (Choose three.) 

A. how the VIF behaves if no uplink port is available in end-host mode 

B. the action that the Cisco UCS Manager takes on the remote Ethernet interface, vEthernet interface, or vFibreChannel interface when the associated border port fails 

C. Layer 2 switching on the fabric interconnect 

D. whether MAC registration occurs on a per-vNIC basis or for all VLANs 

E. the end-host mode setting on the I/O module 

Answer: ABD 

Question No. 42

The Core File Exporter automatically exports cores to a remote server as they are generated. Which protocol does it use for this action? 






Question No. 43

You are troubleshooting an FCoE SAN boot issue on a Cisco UCS C240 M3 server with a VIC 1225. Which two of these represent the correct way to bind VSAN 11 to interface vfc5 attached to interface Ethernet 1/5? (Choose two.) 

A. 5548UP(config)# int vfc 5 5548UP(config-if)# bind interface Ethernet1/5 vsan 11 

B. 5548UP(config)# vsan database 5548UP(config-vsan-db)# vsan 11 interface vfc5 

C. 5548UP(config)# interface Ethernet1/5 5548UP(config-if)# bind vsan 11 

D. 5548UP(config)# vsan database 5548UP(config-vsan-db)# bind interface vfc5 vsan 11 

E. 5548UP(config)# vsan database 5548UP(config-vsan-db)# interface vfc5 vsan 11 

F. 5548UP(config)# vsan database 5548UP(config-vsan-db)# interface Ethernet1/5 vsan 11 

Answer: AB 

Question No. 44

As a Cisco UCS administrator, you have a large deployment of C-Series servers. You decide to integrate these into a Cisco UCS Manager environment to simplify management. Which two of these will you need to purchase? (Choose two.) 

A. two fabric interconnects 

B. a dedicated Cisco IMC 

C. two fabric extenders 

D. two I/O modules 

Answer: AC 

Question No. 45

If a server is not associated with a service profile, the activated firmware remains pending. Which two steps should you take? (Choose two.) 

A. Manually reboot the server. 

B. Reset the server to a new profile. 

C. Reset the unassociated server to activate the firmware. 

D. Reinitialize the firmware process with Cisco UCS Manager. 

E. Download the firmware and start over. 

F. Shut down gracefully and start over. 

Answer: AC 

Question No. 46

During a password recovery of a Cisco UCS system in a cluster configuration, what happens to blade traffic? 

A. There is no interruption to traffic, as the fabrics go down one at a time. 

B. Traffic stops flowing until the process is complete. 

C. There is no interruption to traffic because both fabrics stay up the whole time. 

D. Traffic will continue to flow, but at a limited rate until the process is complete. 


Question No. 47

Refer to the exhibit. 

Which type of power policy is shown when referring to a Cisco UCS environment? 

A. chassis 

B. blade server 

C. fabric interconnect 

D. global 

E. switch 

Answer: D

Question No. 48

The Cisco UCS Manager displays FSM information for which four of these? (Choose four.) 

A. which FSM task is being executed 

B. the current state of an FSM task 

C. the status of the previous FSM task 

D. any error codes returned while processing E. all completed FSM tasks 

F. multiple FSM tasks that completed over multiple tries 

G. multiple FSM tasks that failed 

Answer: ABCD 

Question No. 49

What should you do when you see faults during the initial setup and discovery process? 

A. Take note and address the faults. 

B. You can safely ignore these faults. 

C. Log them and try to address the first one. 

D. Reboot until the error messages go away. 


Question No. 50

Which statement is true about system event logs? 

A. By default, they require manual clearing. 

B. They report operating system crashes and errors. 

C. They are also referred to as system error logs. 

D. They can only be accessed from Cisco UCS Manager. 


Question No. 51

A customer is configuring an upstream disjoint Layer 2 network in a Cisco UCS domain. So far they have configured the following: 

Fabric Interconnects are in switching mode. 

There is symmetrical configuration for high availability. 

There are no overlapping VLANs. 

Each vNIC is communicating with one disjoint Layer 2 network. 

After validating the above, the customer is still having issues with network connectivity. What is the issue? 

A. Overlapping VLANs are allowed in a disjoint Layer 2 network. 

B. The vNIC configuration is incorrect and must communicate with two or more disjoint layer 2 networks. 

C. The fabric interconnect must be in end-host mode for a disjoint Layer 2 network. 

D. Asymmetrical configuration for high availability needs to be configured. 


Question No. 52

A Cisco UCS chassis has two ports on I/O Module 1 connected to Fabric Interconnect A, and two ports on I/O Module 2 connected to Fabric Interconnect B. The I/O modules are connected to ports 1 and 2 on their respective fabric interconnects, and end host mode is configured. After a link failure occurs on port 1 of I/O Module 1, what happens to the traffic that was pinned to that link? 

A. The traffic fails until the link issue is resolved. 

B. The traffic is repinned to I/O Module 2 link 1, which is connected to Fabric Interconnect 

C. The traffic is repinned to the remaining link between I/O Module 1 and Fabric Interconnect A. 

D. The traffic is repinned automatically to Fabric Interconnect B. 


Question No. 53

How long are the LED states saved after a blade is removed from a Cisco UCS chassis? 

A. 1 minute 

B. 5 minutes 

C. 10 minutes 

D. 30 minutes 

E. 60 minutes 


Question No. 54

RBAC is a method of restricting access for a particular user on which two of these? (Choose two.) 

A. roles 

B. realm 

C. locales 



Answer: AC 

Question No. 55

Which three methods can be used to upgrade the Cisco IMC? (Choose three.) 

A. host firmware package 

B. blade firmware package 

C. controller firmware package 

D. management firmware package 

E. directly on the blade, under the Installed Firmware tab 

F. directly on the blade, under the Blade Firmware tab 

G. directly on the blade, under Inventory > CIMC 

Answer: DEG 

Question No. 56

In a Cisco UCS environment, what are the three power types in a power policy? (Choose three.) 

A. backup 

B. grid 

C. redund 

D. n-plus-1 

E. non-redund 

F. plus-1 

Answer: BDE 

Question No. 57

Which statement is true with respect to resetting a forgotten Cisco IMC admin password on a Cisco UCS C-Series rack-mount server? 

A. Download the Cisco IMC password reset utility ISO file from Cisco.com and boot from virtual media. The server will boot the Linux Live CD and reset the password to 'password'. 

B. Download the Cisco IMC password reset EFI plugin file from Cisco.com to a USB flash drive and boot to the EFI shell. The startup.nsh file will auto-load and reset the password to 'password'. 

C. Shut down the server and remove all power supplies for 3 minutes to allow the password capacitor to discharge. Use the default password 'password' to log back in. 

D. Shut down the server and remove all power cords. Open the case and short the jumper specified in the model-specific Cisco UCS C-Series Server Installation and Service Guide.