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2016 May 642-165 Study Guide Questions:

Q65. The CRS Engine is the handling layer and the interface to all required external supplier systems.

Where do you enable the CRS engine?




Answer: BCD

Q67. Where are CTI route points added or configured for Cisco Unified Contact Center Express?

A. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Media Subsystem

B. Cisco Unified CallManager Device Configuration

C. Cisco Unified Contact Center Express Directory Management

D. Cisco Supervisor Desktop

E. Cisco CRS Administration, JTAPI Trigger Creation

Answer: E

Q68. You have just successfully added a JTAPI trigger in CRS Administration. Which two items are automatically configured on your CallManager?

A. CTI dialogue control port

B. CTI Route Point

C. Dialogue group

D. CTI Route Point association with JTAPI user

Answer: BD

Q69. What two situations prevent the supervisor from silently monitoring the phone conversation of an agent in IPCC Express Enhanced? (Choose two.)

A. The agent is logged in and is on the phone.

B. The agent is logged in but is not on the phone.

C. The supervisor is a participant in a phone call.

D. The supervisor has barged in.

Answer: CD

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Q70. What is the purpose of setting the Flush Input Buffer field of the Menu step to true?

A. to release memory held by the prompt variable

B. to clear previously entered input before the Menu step executes

C. to specify if the step can be interrupted by an agent who becomes available

D. to prevent the caller from entering a menu choice before the prompt has played

Answer: B

Q71. In Cisco Unified CCX Administration, what is created on the Communications Manager when you add a Cisco Unified Communications Manager Telephony group?

A. CTI Ports

B. CTI Route Point

C. Cisco Unified CCX Call Control Group

D. Cisco Unified Communications Manager Call Control Group

Answer: A

Q72. What is the default file name for the component trace file?

A. CiscoMIVR.log

B. CiscoMADM.log

C. CiscoMEDT.log

D. CiscoMCVD.log

Answer: A

Q73. Which three tasks can an agent perform on the cisco agent desktop?

A. chat with an SME

B. send an email to an SME

C. send enterprise data to an SME

D. transfer a call to an SME

E. see the ACD state of an SME

Answer: ACD

Q74. Which feature is available on Cisco Unified Contact Center Express with Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express deployments?

A. barge-in on Cisco Supervisor Desktop

B. preview outbound dialer

C. high availability

D. wrap-up data

Answer: D

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Q75. When will a skills-based CSQ that requires a skill competency of four (4) select an IPCC Express agent?

A. if the ICD agent is available and has a skill competency of nine (9) in another skill defined in CRS

B. if the ICD agent is available and has a skill competency of one (1) in the required skill for the CSQ

C. if the ICD agent is available and has a skill competency of seven (7) in the required skill for the CSQ

D. if the ICD agent is available and has a skill competency of three (3) in the required skill defined in CRS

Answer: C

Q76. How do you remove a phantom call (sometimes also referred to as ghost call) that is stuck in queue in the CSQ real-time report?

A. log out all agents

B. restart the browser-based real-time reporting client

C. select the phantom call from the list of waiting contacts and select clear contact from the tools menu

D. reset the real-time reports

Answer: C

Q77. If you have not configured the database subsystem, what is the status of the database subsystem on the control center page of AppAdmin?

A. partial service

B. out of service

C. shutdown

D. not configured

Answer: D

Q78. Which step must be executed before an email can be sent?

A. Send Email

B. Attach Email

C. Create Email

D. Delete Email

Answer: C

Q79. Where do you send the finished configuration and ordering spreadsheet when manual bid assurance is required?





Answer: B

Q80. Which two serviceability capabilities are provided by CiscoWorks IP Telephony Environment Monitor (ITEM)? (Choose two.)

A. User Tracking to track IP telephones

B. Diagnostic trace tools to analyze connectivity

C. Monitoring of Cisco voice elements

D. Problem alerts for operations personnel

Answer: CD

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