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2016 Apr 642-732 Study Guide Questions:

Q91. Which statement best describes an outdoor RF point-to-point antenna deployment? 

A. Both antennas must be vertically polarized. 

B. Both antennas must be horizontally polarized. 

C. There should be a 90 degree difference between antennas for best results. 

D. There should be a 180 degree difference between antennas for best results. 

E. It does not matter so long as both antennas have matching polarization. 

Answer: E 

Q92. When performing a post-installation audit using the Ekahau Survey tool, which four steps are associated with the passive portion of the audit? (Choose four.) 

A. Check that all channels are supported by the APs regardless of client capabilities. 

B. Check for co-channel interference by standing near an access point on one channel and watching for other access points that are on the same channel. 

C. Verify that the real-world network traffic (for example, physical data rate, packet loss, etc.) meets user requirements. 

D. When you have completed the post-installation surveys, compare them to the surveys that were performed before the installation. They should look nearly identical. 

E. Check to see if the signal levels on other access points that are heard on the same channel are at least 19 dBm weaker than the access point that you are next to. 

F. Survey by SSID to ensure that smooth roaming is taking place. 

Answer: A,B,D,E 

Q93. When does the curvature of the earth become a factor in an outdoor RF point-to-point link? 

A. 4 miles 

B. 7 miles 

C. 10 miles 

D. 12 miles 

E. 15 miles 

Answer: B 

Q94. You have a customer that is building a new campus of four 3-story buildings that you have just completed the site survey for. The customer is interested in the amount of rack space they will need to allocate in either the building MDF or in the data center for controllers. Each building is going to require 75 APs to support voice and data. How should the controllers be deployed to provide the least number of controllers, the highest redundancy, and the easiest management? 

A. Use the distributed deployment method in each building MDF with the N + N redundancy method. 

B. Use the centralized deployment method in the data center with the N + N + 1 redundancy method. 

C. Use the distributed deployment method in each building MDF with the N + 1 redundancy method. 

D. Use the centralized deployment method in the data center with the N + 1 redundancy method. 

E. Use the distributed deployment method in each building MDF with the N + N +1 redundancy method. 

F. Use the centralized deployment method in the data center with the N + N redundancy method. 

Answer: B 

Q95. You have a customer that operates a large open pit coal mine in the western United States. They need to deploy a wireless point-to-point bridge link across the mine. The distance of the link is 1.5 miles. Which three things do you need to consider prior to performing the site survey for this bridge link? (Choose three.) 

A. What specific EPA training will be required prior to entering the customer site? 

B. Is a specific Mine Safety and Health Administration training course and certificate required prior to entering the customer site? 

C. What specific FCC training will be required prior to entering the customer site? 

D. Will any specialized equipment or clothing will be required to perform the site survey? 

E. Will customer escorts be needed during the site survey? 

Answer: B,D,E 

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Q96. What is a typical attenuation value for a cinder block wall? 

A. 3dB 

B. 4dB 

C. 6dB 

D. 12dB 

Answer: B 

Q97. An engineer is performing a data collection to validate wireless coverage. At what two locations should a linear point collection be performed? (Choose two.) 

A. office cubicles 

B. private offices 

C. auditorium 

D. warehouse 

E. conference rooms 

Answer: C,D 

Q98. Which option will allow the maximum 2.4 GHz channel usage for a survey and voice deployment in the ETSI domain? 

A. 1, 6, 11 

B. 1, 5, 9, 13 

C. 1, 6, 9, 14 

D. 1, 6, 11, 14 

Answer: A 

Q99. Mesh APs are commonly mounted alongside a pole, meaning they are both vertically aligned and the pole could partially block the mesh AP RF signal. What is the maximum degree angle to allow for blockage of the antenna field of view? 

A. 2 degrees 

B. 5 degrees 

C. 10 degrees 

D. 15 degrees 

Answer: B 

Q100. Which three components and tasks should be considered while planning the site survey? (Choose three.) 

A. Determine the project scope, type of deployment, timeline, scale, budget, and users 

B. Determine project stakeholders 

C. Determine customer training requirements 

D. Determine AP and controller placement 

E. Determine the customer applications that the network will support 

F. Determine radio spectrum and channel allocation 

G. Schedule customer end user interviews 

Answer: A,B,E 

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Q101. An engineer installed a 1252 AP and is getting power from the switch. However, devices connected to the wireless network cannot get 802.11n data rates. What supported switchport protocol or standard could be the reason for this? 

A. 802.3af 

B. 802.3at 

C. 802.1p 

D. 802.11e 

Answer: A 

Q102. Refer to the exhibit. 

In testing the post-deployment WLAN network you have discovered an AP that has been placed in a difficult area. The AP cannot be easily moved because of various requirements. The client performance of various Apple and Microsoft operating system-based products does not meet expectations. Which two options can help mitigate the performance issue? (Choose two.) 

A. Add additional APs. 

B. Replace the AP with an AP and external antenna. 

C. Increase the AP power level to maximum. 

D. Change the AP location to one that is less RF hostile. 

E. Rotate the AP 90 degrees to change antenna polarity. 

Answer: A,B 

Q103. An engineer wants to provide coverage between warehouse shelving stocked with bulk metal materials. What antenna would be adequate for performing this survey? 

A. 5.5 dBi omni down tilt 

B. 17 dBi grid 

C. 2.2 dBi omni 

D. 8.5 dBi patch 

Answer: D 

Q104. When designing and deploying an outdoor mesh network, what is the appropriate RF cell overlap? 

A. 10 percent 

B. 15 percent 

C. 20 percent 

D. 25 percent 

E. Application dependent 

Answer: E 

Q105. An engineer is deploying an outdoor Mesh network. What are the four major factors that should be considered? (Choose four.) 

A. line of sight 

B. power 

C. buildings 

D. mounting 

E. power lines 

F. satellite dishes 

G. network connectivity 

H. traffic lights 

Answer: A,B,D,G 

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