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2016 Jun 642-737 free practice questions

Q21. Which one best describes the EAP Identity Request frame when a wireless client is connecting to a Cisco WLC v7.0-based AP WLAN?

A. sourced from the Cisco ACS Server to the client

B. sourced from the client to the Cisco ACS Server

C. sourced from the WLC to the client

D. sourced from the client to the WLC

E. sourced from the AP to the client

F. sourced from the client to the AP

Answer: C

Q22. Wireless NAC single sign-on uses which type of RADIUS records to notify the Cisco NAC Appliance Manager about the authenticated wireless clients?

A. accounting records

B. authentication records

C. authentication and accounting records

D. preauthentication records

Answer: A

Q23. What is the maximum number of ACLs that can be applied to a Cisco WLC v7.0 interface?

A. 1

B. 16

C. 32

D. 64

Answer: A

Q24. Which one of the following best describes the implementation of VLAN pooling on a Cisco WLC v7.0?

A. Allows a single WLAN ID to be mapped to multiple SSIDs

B. Allows a single SSID to be mapped to multiple WLAN IDs

C. Allows a single WLAN ID to be mapped to multiple interfaces

D. Allows a single interface to be mapped to multiple WLAN IDs

Answer: C

Q25. Which device provides IDS and IPS protection in a Cisco Unified Wireless Network against wireless clients with viruses and worms?

A. Cisco NAC Guest Server

B. Cisco Secure Access Control System

C. Cisco WLC

D. Cisco WCS

E. Cisco NAC Appliance Manager

F. Cisco NAC Appliance Server

G. Cisco IPS Appliance

Answer: G

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Q26. Which two firewall ports must be opened for the anchor controller to operate properly with a foreign controller for guest access? (Choose two.)

A. ports 16666 and 16667 for controller traffic

B. port 97 for EoIP traffic

C. port 80 for HTTP traffic

D. port 69 for TFTP traffic

Answer: AB

Q27. Which two options are supported when deploying wireless NAC out-of-band implementations? (Choose two.)

A. Cisco NAS in virtual gateway mode

B. WLANs with allow AAA override enabled

C. Cisco NAC Guest Server integration with the Cisco NAM

D. dynamic VLAN mappings on the Cisco NAS, which is based on the returned RADIUS attributes from the Cisco Secure ACS

E. autonomous APs

Answer: AC

Q28. The Cisco NAC Guest Server is configured as which kind of device on the wireless controller?

A. external web authentication server

B. RADIUS server

C. SNMP trap receiver

D. anchor controller

E. AAA client

Answer: B

Q29. What is the default authentication protocol that is used for web authentication?





Answer: C

Q30. Which three products are required to produce Cisco Clean Air Security reports? (Choose three.)

A. WLC v7.0

B. WCS v7.0

C. MSE v7.0

D. Spectrum Expert v4.0

E. 1260 AP

F. 3500 AP

Answer: ABF

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