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2016 Jul 642-737 vce:

Q71. The Cisco Unified Wireless Network solution, which is based on version 7.0, provides which three wired-side tracing techniques? (Choose three.)

A. switch port tracing

B. adaptive wIPS


D. autocontainment

E. rogue detector


Answer: ACE

Q72. An IPS appliance is being integrated into the Cisco Unified Wireless Network solution in promiscuous mode. Which two parameters are required when configuring a Cisco WLC v7.0 for the addition of the IPS appliance services? (Choose two.)

A. WLAN > AAA Override is enabled

B. WLAN > P2P Blocking is enabled

C. WLAN > Client Exclusion is enabled

D. WLAN > NAC State is enabled

E. Security > RADIUS accounting IP address

F. Security > Sensors IP address

Answer: CF

Q73. Which protocol port(s) need open access for communication between the MSE and WLC?

A. UDP 16666 and 16667

B. UDP 5247 and 5264

C. UDP 161 and 162

D. UDP 16113

E. TCP 16113

Answer: E

Q74. Which protocol port needs open access for the Cisco WLC v7.0 using an external AAA server for checking administrative privileges for menu access?

A. UDP 1812

B. UDP 1813

C. UDP 1645

D. UDP 1646

E. TCP 49

F. TCP 443

Answer: E

Q75. Which two statements best describe the local authentication configuration options for a Cisco WLC v7.0 and local mode AP? (Choose two.)

A. LEAP and EAP-FAST only



D. EAP-FAST with PAC provision only

E. EAP-FAST with PAC or certificate provision

Answer: BE


Refresh 642-737 vce 2013:

Q76. Which four conditions can be used in rules to classify rogue APs on a Cisco WLC v7.0? (Choose four.)

A. managed SSID


C. EAP type

D. no encryption

E. encryption method

F. duration

Answer: ABDF

Q77. The Cisco WLC v7.0 is configured for external 802.1X and EAP by using the WPA2 association of wireless clients when using the Cisco Secure ACS v4.2. Which two items are required in the Cisco Secure ACS network configuration to enable correct AAA? (Choose two.)

A. AP IP address

B. WLC virtual IP address

C. WLC management IP address

D. WLC AP management IP address

E. hostname matching the WLC case-sensitive name

F. authentication using RADIUS

G. authentication using TACACS+

Answer: CF

Q78. When using the Standalone Profile Editor in the Cisco AnyConnect v3.0 to create a new NAM profile, which two statements describe the profile becoming active? (Choose two.)

A. selects the new profile from NAM

B. selects "Network Repair" from NAM

C. becomes active after a save of the profile name

D. ensures use of "configuration.xml" as the profile name

E. ensures use of "config.xml" as the profile name

F. ensures use of "nam.xml" as the profile name

Answer: BD

Q79. Which two statements describe the secure roaming process of a client between APs that are controlled by a Cisco WLC v7.0? (Choose two.)

A. determined by client algorithms

B. determined by the WLC and AP infrastructure

C. the WLC can only request a client roam using Cisco Compatible Extensions v3 and above

D. the WLC can only request a client roam using Cisco Compatible Extensions v4 and above

E. only implemented for VoWLAN

Answer: AD

Q80. Which two things should you verify if the Cisco NAC Guest Server is configured on the network and the client cannot access the guest network? (Choose two.)

A. The controller can ping the Cisco NAC Guest Server.

B. The controller can mping and eping the Cisco NAC Guest Server.

C. AAA override is enabled on the guest WLAN.

D. Controllers and the Cisco NAC Guest Server are in the same mobility group.

Answer: AC

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