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2016 Jul 642-996 dcufd study guide:

Q49. Which two options are business requirements that drive the data center design? (Choose two.)

A.Increase virtual machine-to-host ratio.

B.Reduce power consumption.

C.Reduce latency within the network.

D.Migrate to FCoE.

E.Reduce operation expenditure.

F.Increase network throughput.

Answer: BE

Q50. Which feature protects network devices against abnormal or unwanted traffic such as rogue devices performing various DoS attacks against them?

A.control-plane policing

B.strict unicast RPF

C.IP Source Guard

D.intrusion prevention deployed at the edge

E.intrusion detection deployed at the services layer

Answer: A

Q51. What is required to allow for FCoE multihop prior to the ratification of FC-BB-6?

A.VN to VF encapsulation

B.FIP snooping

C.FCoE proxy

D.Fibre Channel bridging at FC-2

E.VE to VE tunneling

Answer: B

Q52. Which three items represent features of VM-FEX with Cisco Nexus 1000V? (Choose three)

A.Software packet switching

B.Hardware packet switching

C.802.1 Q

D.VN-Tag (802.1 Qbh)

E.Feature rich

F.High performance

Answer: BEF

Q53. A client's Cisco network support team has concerns that the security policy may not be correctly enforced within the vNetwork Distributed Switches that form the virtual network edge. What is the Cisco recommended solution to alleviate these concerns?

A.Direct all logs from vCenter to the network support teams TACACS+ server.

B.Deploy Cisco Nexus 1000v.

C.Create a vCenter admin account for the network support team.

D.Run VMware update manager to apply all security updates.

E.Replace the Distributed vSwitches with Standard vSwitches.

Answer: B

Q54. Which software runs on a device that is connected to a TrustSec-enabled port?





E.Authentication Proxy

Answer: C

Q55. Refer to the exhibit.

Which three options are valid port configurations for the Cisco Nexus 5548UP? (Choose three.)




E. E

Answer: ADE

Q56. Which technology provides the ability to use all links in a LAN topology by providing an active-active path to the upstream switch?





Answer: B


Update pass4sure 642-996:

Q57. What introduces unique implications into the overall Data Center aggregation layer design? (Choose Three.)

A.High-speed switching fabric with a high forwarding rate

B.Over-subscription values

C.Service Modules

D.IP routing


F.Internet Edge

Answer: ABC

Q58. What is one example that is true concerning network management for the data center?

A. The Network Analysis Module is best deployed in the core for highest visibility.

B.The Network Analysis Module is best deployed in the core for highest visibility.

C.It utilizes flexible NetFlow for enhanced network anomaly and security detection.

D.NetFlow support is available on most IOS and Nexus products, excluding the Nexus 1000v.

E.NetFlow Data Export is best positioned on the Nexus 5500 at the access or aggregation layers.

Answer: B

Q59. Which two traffic flows are primarily part of the aggregation layer? (Choose two.)

A.core layer to access layer

B.access layer to core layer

C.access layer to access layer

D.aggregation layer to access layer

E.core layer to core layer

F.core to aggregation layer

Answer: AC

Q60. Which Cisco Nexus switch offers possibilities for implementation of the virtual switching layer in VMware?

A.Cisco Nexus 5596 Switch

B.Cisco Nexus 7010 Switch

C.Cisco Nexus 1000v Switch

D.Cisco Nexus 2248 FEX

Answer: C

Q61. Your customer has asked you to recommend a data center storage design that includes Multihop FCoE for 400 database servers running on Cisco UCS C460M2 Rack Servers with Cisco UCS VIC 1225. Which of these server connectivity options is Cisco recommended for scalability and cost-effectiveness?

A.Server > Cisco Nexus 5548UP > Cisco Nexus 7018 > CISCO MDS 9500

B.Server > Cisco Nexus 3548 > Cisco Nexus 7018 > CISCO MDS 9500

C.Server > Cisco Nexus 2232PP > Cisco Nexus 7018 > CISCO MDS 9500

D.Server > Cisco Nexus 4001i > Cisco Nexus 7018 > CISCO MDS 9500

Answer: C

Q62. What documents are not typically an output that is deliverable from the design phase?

A.high-level design

B.site requirements specification

C.troubleshooting procedures

D.migration plan

Answer: C

Q63. Which two Cisco MDS 9500 line cards support SME? (Choose two.)

A.Cisco MDS 9000 Family Storage Services Module

B.Cisco MDS 9000 Family Multiprotocol Services Module

C.Cisco MDS 9000 Family 8-Gbps Advanced Fibre Channel Switching Module

D.Cisco MDS 9000 Family IP Storage Services Module

E.Cisco MDS 9000 Family Storage Processor Node

F.Cisco MDS 9000 Family Multiservices Module

Answer: BF

Q64. Which two items represent attacks that are mitigated by CoPP? (Choose two.)

A.ARP cache poisoning

B.data plane DoS

C.ping flooding

D.Diffie Hellman

E.smurf attack

F.ping of death

Answer: CE

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