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2016 Jun 646-365 Study Guide Questions:

Q17. Which three services can be provided by Cisco ISR G2 access routers? (Choose three.)? 

A. IP telephony with SIP trunking 

B. integrated video conferences 

C. zone-based firewalling 

D. NX-OS-based services 

E. video control unit services 

F. Cisco WAAS engine 

Answer: ABC 

Q18. Which three of the following are recommended minimum required building blocks for a Cisco midmarket BYOD solution? (Choose three.) 

A. Cisco virtual wireless LAN controller 

B. Catalyst 4500-X Series Switch 

C. Cisco ASR 100 Series Router 

D. Cisco Aironet 1600 Series Access Point 

E. Cisco Business-Class Email 

Answer: ABD 

Q19. Which statement accurately describes the evolution of the workplace and its impact on security? 

A. Mobility causes location borders to shift. 

B. Cloud services cause end-user locations to shift. 

C. Mobility causes devices to become centralized. 

D. IT consumerization causes location borders to shift. 

Answer: A

Q20. Which two of these Catalyst switch series are typically deployed in the distribution layer? (Choose two.) 

A. Nexus 7000 Series Switches 

B. Catalyst Compact Switches 

C. Catalyst 3000 Series Switches 

D. Catalyst 4500 Series Switches 

E. Catalyst 6500 Series Switches 

Answer: CD

Q21. Which two of the following are driving factors for implementing an open and secure customer network? (Choose two.) 

A. the need to access Internet and cloud-based services from within the customer network 

B. the need to decrease database backup duration 

C. the need to increase corporate LAN bandwidth 

D. the need to access corporate applications from remote locations 

E. the need to reduce corporate network carbon footprint 

Answer: AD

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Up to the minute 646-365 examcollection:

Q22. About 50 percent of the installed base of Cisco routers are reaching end of service or end of life. As a result, about 4 million units are expected to be replaced. What are the four strongest arguments to pre-empt competitive attacks? (Choose four.) 

A. lower cost 

B. service integration 

C. quality of Cisco software and support 

D. long investment cycles 

E. transparency of solutions 

F. free long-term financing 

Answer: BCDE

Q23. Which of the following statements best describes total cost of ownership (TCO)? 

A. TCO is the sum of all CapEx. 

B. TCO consists of direct costs (CapEx) and indirect costs such as labor and training. 

C. TCO consists of direct costs (CapEx) and indirect costs such as training, user productivity, competitive advantage, growth potential, and so on. 

D. TCO is relevant to the finance manager only. 

Answer: B 

Q24. Which three are challenges that are related to video deployments that are addressed by borderless network services in Cisco routers and by Cisco MediaNet? (Choose three.) 

A. bandwidth issues 

B. difficult.video performance monitoring 

C. difficult configuration of.new video devices 

D. intermittent broadcast signal 

E. Lack of MACSec support on remote video terminals 

F. Lack of high-definition video terminals 

Answer: ABC

Q25. Which three are benefits of a Cisco Borderless Network that go beyond a TCO calculation? (Choose three.) 

A. high availability 

B. enhanced security 

C. cost per port 

D. integrated services 

E. lowest power consumption 

Answer: ABD 

Q26. Which statement is true about Cisco Smart Business Architecture? 

A. Cisco Smart Business Architecture helps you design and quickly deploy a full-service business network. 

B. Cisco Smart Business Architecture is a set of design guides for highly complex multivendor networks. 

C. Cisco Smart Business Architecture guides are available only for Borderless and Data Center architectures. 

D. Cisco Smart Business Architecture guides support all architectures, but do not support any solutions. 

Answer: A


Approved exam 646-365:

Q27. What is the primary security requirement to allow access to social media and collaboration? 

A. protection of network devices 

B. prevent remote access 

C. enabling BYOD 

D. authorizing content use 

Answer: D

Q28. Which statement is true regarding TCO calculations that an account manager prepares for the customer? 

A. Different stakeholders always have the same expectations regarding the TCO calculation. 

B. Cisco Capital financing should not be presented to the customer. 

C. Non-measurable business benefits should never be presented to the customer. 

D. TCO calculation should emphasize Cisco strategic values including support of current market transitions. 

Answer: D

Q29. Which two statements best describe the challenges that customers have to face when providing services in a borderless world? (Choose two.) 

A. How do you control energy consumption of devices that are owned by employees? 

B. How can you support video in the whole network? 

C. How can you integrate cloud services seamlessly in your network? 

D. Which type of firewall should you deploy? 

Answer: BC 

Q30. Which one of these statements is true about Cisco EnergyWise technology? 

A. Cisco EnergyWise management is supported only via Cisco EnergyWise Orchestrator. 

B. Cisco EnergyWise domains are defined on the Domain Name System. 

C. Cisco EnergyWise endpoints are managed by policies and monitored for energy usage. 

D. Cisco EnergyWise is supported on Catalyst 3560 Series Switches and higher. 

Answer: C 

Q31. Which of the following Cisco Catalyst switch families is typically deployed outside the wiring closet? 

A. Cisco Desktop Switches 

B. Cisco Compact Switches 

C. Cisco Catalyst 1000 Series 

D. Cisco Catalyst 2000 Series 

Answer: B 

Q32. Which two statements accurately describe the impact of BYOD to the network? (Choose two.) 

A. TCO is reduced because employees use their privately owned devices. 

B. BYOD increases productivity, but IT must find ways to integrate the utilized devices seamlessly with wired as well as wireless networks. 

C. BYOD adds the requirement to support multiple operating systems. 

D. Corporate users expect the same look and feel when using their own devices. 

Answer: BC 

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