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Exam Code: 646-365 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Cisco Express Foundation for Account Managers (CXFA) Exam
Certification Provider: Cisco
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Q33. What are four major solution areas of Cisco SecureX Architecture? (Choose four.) 

A. secure network and branch 

B. secure access 

C. secure mobility 

D. secure data center and cloud 

E. secure management 

F. secure WAN 

Answer: ABCD 

Q34. Which of the following is not a business benefit that is offered by a Cisco switching solution? 

A. deliver a positive user experience 

B. reduce energy costs and resource consumption by up to 55 percent 

C. deliver superior investment protection 

D. deliver superior access and service levels 

Answer: B 

Q35. Which three are main drivers for changing operations? (Choose three.) 

A. change of market trends 

B. change of competition 

C. change of application software version 

D. change of relative strengths 

E. migration of the enterprise network to IPv6 

F. migration to Cisco single-vendor networking solution 

Answer: ABD 

Q36. Which three of these items are components of the Cisco Prime Infrastructure? (Choose three.) 

A. Cisco Prime Network Control System 

B. Cisco Prime Security Manager 

C. Cisco Prime Network Analysis Module 

D. Cisco Prime WAN Management Solution 

E. Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution 

F. Cisco Prime Assurance Manager 

Answer: AEF 

Q37. Which three services can be provided by Cisco ISR G2 access routers? (Choose three.)? 

A. IP telephony 

B. integrated video services 

C. firewalling 

D. NX-OS-based services 

E. video control unit services 

F. Cisco WAAS engine 

Answer: ABC

Q38. Which two are advantages of Cisco Prime LAN Management Solutions? (Choose two.) 

A. It is bundled with any Cisco ISR G2 or Cisco ASR purchase. 

B. It includes Cisco Borderless Networks service work centers. 

C. It includes Cisco WAAS licenses. 

D. It includes WAN optimization features. 

E. It provides complete life-cycle management. 

Answer: BE

Q39. Which three are important market drivers for WAN optimization? (Choose three.) 

A. eliminate the need for backup connections 

B. acceleration of applications 

C. optimization of bandwidth 

D. offer value-added, optimized application services 

E. reduced need for cloud access 

Answer: BCD

Q40. Which three are the most important business-driven considerations regarding networking equipment? (Choose three.) 

A. The network is a source of innovation and one of the most strategic assets. 

B. You should accept that networking innovation has ended. 

C. A next-generation network enables business benefits and customer engagement. 

D. The network has to support security and energy efficiency. 

E. Social networking and video services do not drive decisions on networking equipment. 

F. Virtualization and remote access solutions should be considered as a Software as a Service solution. 

Answer: ACD 

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Q41. What are the two business benefits of a BYOD solution? (Choose two.) 

A. reduced OpEx 

B. less IT effort to support and secure different devices 

C. less IT effort to support and secure different operating systems 

D. simplification of network and security complexity 

E. increased productivity using own devices 

Answer: AE 

Q42. Which two statements describe the role of core technologies with regard to business processes? (Choose two.) 

A. An end-to-end borderless network architecture builds the foundation for integrating people and tasks in changing market environments. 

B. Operational agility is important for businesses today. A constant, stable core allows IT to focus on the rapidly changing applications. 

C. In order to react to market changes, operations and processes have to be modified as well. The network infrastructure has to match the changed requirements. 

D. Requirements to core technologies are rather static and are therefore independent of market changes. 

Answer: AC 

Q43. Which two are switch security features that enable a secure borderless network? (Choose two.) 

A. device profiling and profile-based selection of security policies 

B. Cisco ASA Firewall 

C. MACSec 

D. Security Group Tagging 

Answer: CD 

Q44. Which two statements are true about Cisco Smart Business Architecture? (Choose two.) 

A. Cisco Smart Business Architecture shifts the view from short term and tactical to long term and strategic. 

B. Cisco Smart Business Architecture protects IT investments by making sure that all spending is linked to a long-term return on investment. 

C. Cisco Smart Business Architecture helps build a comprehensive, unified architecture that matches current and future demands. 

D. Cisco Smart Business Architecture guides are interactive, allowing step-by-step creation of designs that fit individual requirements. Embedded Cisco Smart Business Architecture maps are available for download at each step. 

E. Cisco Smart Business Architecture framework supports enterprise network design without remote locations. 

Answer: AC 

Q45. Which three statements correctly describe the Cisco router portfolio? (Choose three.) 

A. The Cisco 800 Series Integrated Services Router family provides data storage for larger offices. 

B. The Cisco 1900 Series Integrated Services Router family provides cloud services for small offices. 

C. The Cisco 1900 Series Integrated Services Router family provides a modular solution for small offices. 

D. The Cisco 800 Series Integrated Services Router family includes 3G WAN options. 

E. The Cisco 2900 Series Integrated Services Router family provides interactive media services and service virtualization or midrange deployments. 

F. The Cisco 2900 Series Integrated Services Router family provides TelePresence services. 

Answer: CDE

Q46. Which of these statements about Cisco WAAS is true? 

A. Cisco WAAS Mobile has the same features as Cisco WAAS and differs only in performance. 

B. Cisco WAAS Express can run simultaneously with Cisco Unity Express on the same Cisco SRE. 

C. Cisco vWAAS can be implemented on any Cisco ISR routers. 

D. Cisco WAAS Express is integrated into Cisco IOS. 

Answer: D

Q47. Which two of the following are recommended minimum required building blocks for a Cisco midmarket BYOD solution? (Choose two.) 

A. Cisco wireless LAN controller 

B. Catalyst 4500-X Series Switch 

C. Cisco ASR 100 Series Router 

D. Cisco Aironet Access Point 

E. Cisco WAAS appliance 

Answer: AD

Q48. What is the primary security requirement related to social media and collaboration? 

A. protection of network edges 

B. securing cloud transition 

C. enabling BYOD transformation 

D. authorizing content use 

Answer: D 

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