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2016 Jun 648-238 study guide

Q1. Refer to the exhibit. 

You are the system administrator for a newly deployed Cisco Video Surveillance solution. Branch A cameras are streaming to Cisco VSMS-A and Branch B cameras are streaming to Cisco VSMS-B. Cisco VSOM is reporting a "Timed out waiting for server response" error when trying to load video from camera, but network pings are being responded to from your workstation at HQ. All other cameras from the network are working as expected. 

Which three options could have caused the error message? (Choose three.) 

A. There is a network configuration issue with the switch and switch port that camera is connected to. 

B. Media server is down and not responding. 

C. The Branch A and HQ routers are updating their routing tables and they have not yet converged. 

D. There is an IP address conflict on the network. 

E. The password on the camera was changed. 

Answer: A,D,E 

Q2. In the Cisco Video Surveillance solution, which of the following is the core component for distribution, archiving, and management of video feeds? 

A. Operations Manager 

B. Media Server 

C. Virtual Matrix 

D. Physical Security Operations Manager 

Answer: B 

Q3. Order the servers from lowest to highest usable capacity. 

A. 2RU (6 x 1 TB), 2RU (12 x 1 TB), 2RU (6 x 2 TB), 2RU (12 x 2 TB) 

B. 2RU (6 x 1 TB), 2RU (6 x 2 TB), 2RU (12 x 1 TB), 2RU (12 x 2 TB) 

C. 2RU (12 x 2 TB), 2RU (12 x 1 TB), 2RU (6 x 2 TB), 2RU (6 x 1 TB) 

D. 2RU (12 x 2 TB), 2RU (6 x 2 TB), 2RU (12 x 1 TB), 2RU (6 x 1 TB) 

Answer: B 

Q4. In the Cisco VSM 7.0.x solution, where should you install a new, third-party IP camera driver? 

A. Cisco VSOM only 

B. Cisco VSMC only 

C. Cisco VSMS only 

D. Third-party camera drivers can be installed through Cisco VSOM, Cisco SASD, and Cisco VSMC. 

E. Third-party camera drivers are not installed via Cisco VSOM, Cisco VSMS, nor Cisco VSMC. 

Answer: B 

Q5. Refer to the exhibit. 

Cameras and a Cisco VSM server are connected to a Layer 2 switch. 

Which three steps will allow the Cisco VSM servers to see video traffic from the two IP cameras? (Choose three.) 

A. GigE 0/10 should be configured to accept traffic from all VLANs using the #switchport mode access vlan all command. 

B. GigE 0/10 should be configured to dynamic mode using the #switchport mode dynamic desirable command. 

C. Implement "router-on-a-stick". 

D. Implement inter-VLAN routing. 

E. The link between GigE 0/5 and FE 1/1 should be configured as a trunk port. 

Answer: C,D,E 

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Q6. Where should outdoor surveillance cameras be mounted when sources of light are nearby? 

A. Cameras should be mounted lower than the light source. 

B. Cameras should be mounted in parallel with the nearest light source. 

C. Cameras should be mounted above the light source. 

D. Location does not matter, as long as the cameras are day/night capable. 

Answer: A 

Q7. When editing a schedule, which of the following can be modified? 

A. Occurrences, End Date, and Rights 

B. Occurrences, Start Date, and End Date 

C. Start Date, End Date, and Rights 

D. Occurrences, Start Date, and Rights 

Answer: A 

Q8. The Cisco Physical Security CPS-MSP-1RU-K9 platform can support which configuration of option cards? 

A. 1 x CIVS-FC-1P 

B. 2 x CIVS-ENC-8P 

C. 2 x CIVS-ENC-16P 

D. 1 x CIVS-FC-1P and 1 x CIVS-ENC-8P 

Answer: A 

Q9. When troubleshooting camera issues, which technology allows you to find the IP address of a Cisco IP camera from the Cisco switch it is connected to? 





Answer: C 

Q10. You have been called to troubleshoot a network connectivity issue with a new Cisco VSM deployment. You are unable to ping the network gateway from the MSP server. Using the ifconfig command, you notice there are multiple network interfaces configured on the operating system. Which one of these network interfaces does the MSP server use in order to connect to the network gateway? 

A. LAN0 

B. NIC1 

C. Gigabit 0/1 

D. ETH0 

Answer: D 

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