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2016 Mar 650-752 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. In a financial review, which method is used to estimate the yield of a service that is enabled by a Cisco IP NGN solution? 

A. market comparison 

B. best-practice 

C. prediction modeling 

Answer: C 

Q2. In a Cisco IP NGN business transformation, what is the main focus when you are considering a subscription for the customer? 

A. a free promotional subscription 

B. tiered subscriptions to value-added services 

C. unlimited traffic 

D. time-of-day diversity subscriptions 

Answer: B 

Q3. What is FUD? 

A. a new Cisco IP NGN-capable switch 

B. a method for controlling customers 

C. a strategic attempt to influence public perception by disseminating negative and dubious or false information 

D. Cisco IP NGN technology 

Answer: B 

Q4. In technology financing, how is a desired technology acquired? 

A. leases 

B. barter 

C. hardware free of charge, software licenses charged 

D. cash payment in advance 

Answer: C

Q5. What are the four sub-layers in the Cisco IP NGN architecture infrastructure layer? (Choose four.) 

A. access 

B. aggregation 

C. distribution 

D. core 

E. edge 

F. extension 

G. collapsed distribution 

H. shared aggregation 

Answer: ABDE 

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Q6. Who are the two key stakeholders in a company that is enabled with Cisco IP NGN? (Choose two.) 

A. telecommunications manager 

B. technician 

C. financial manager 

D. field engineer 

Answer: AC 

Q7. What are three benefits that service providers gain with Cisco Prime for Service Providers network management software? (Choose three.) 

A. lower CapEx 

B. higher CapEx 

C. reduced OpEx 

D. improved operational efficiencies 

E. increased OpEx 

F. improved system resource utilization 

Answer: ACD 

Q8. The Cisco IP NGN architecture comprises which three layers? (Choose three.) 

A. application layer 

B. service layer C. transport layer D. session layer 

E. IP infrastructure layer 

F. data link layer 

Answer: ABE 

Q9. For a service provider in the early financial lifecycle, what is the main financial consideration? 

A. loss assumption 

B. loan availability 

C. service provider budget assumption 

D. margin assumption 

Answer: C 


Match each term on the left to its explanation on the right. 


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Actual 650-752 free practice test:

Q11. Which three options are included in the Cisco SMARTnet Services offering? (Choose three.) 

A. free monthly monitoring 

B. support 

C. RMA service 

D. unlimited licensing 

E. training 

F. warranty 

Answer: BCE 

Q12. Which management platform is used for managing the experience lifecycle in Cisco product offering? 

A. Cisco Prime NCS 

B. CiscoWorks LMS version 4.0 

C. Cisco Secure Manager 

D. Cisco SDM 

Answer: B 

Q13. Which three primary requirements do service providers look for in a solution? (Choose three.) 

A. price 

B. performance 

C. external design 

D. services 

E. reliability 

F. minimum power consumption 

Answer: BDE 

Q14. Identify the two advantages that the Cisco IP NGN framework provides. (Choose two.) 

A. various services over a common infrastructure 

B. narrowband access with a limited number of services 

C. mobile access to services 

D. no QoS mechanism required for end customer traffic 

Answer: AC 

Q15. What are the three primary features of Cisco IP NGN platforms? (Choose three.) 

A. scalability 

B. customization 

C. resilience 

D. simplicity 

E. geo-redundancy 

F. manageability 

Answer: AEF