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can be used to bootstrap both the Chef Server and Chef Client software on your EC2 instances.

  • A. AWS CIoudFormation
  • B. AWS Elastic Beanstalk
  • C. AWS OpsWorks
  • D. Amazon Glacier

Answer: A

Explanation: AWS CIoudFormation can be used to bootstrap both the Chef Server and Chef Client software on your EC2 instances.

EC2 instances are launched from Amazon Machine images (AMIS). A given public AMI can:

  • A. be used to launch EC2 Instances in any AWS region.
  • B. only be used to launch EC2 instances in the same country as the AMI is stored.
  • C. only be used to launch EC2 instances in the same AWS region as the AMI is stored.
  • D. only be used to launch EC2 instances in the same AWS availability zone as the AMI is stored

Answer: C

A user is trying to create a policy for an IAM user from the AWS console. Which of the below mentioned options is not available to the user while configuring policy?

  • A. Use policy generator to create policy
  • B. Use custom policy to create policy
  • C. Use policy simulator to create policy
  • D. Assign No permission

Answer: C

Explanation: When a user is trying to create a policy from the AWS console, it will have options such as create policy from templates or use a policy generator. The user can also define a custom policy or chose the option to have no permission. The policy simulator is not available in the console.

You are providing AWS consulting services for a company developing a new mobile application that will be leveraging Amazon SNS Mobile Push for push notifications. In order to send direct notification messages to indMdual devices each device registration identifier or token needs to be registered with SNS; however the developers are not sure of the best way to do this.
You advise them to:

  • A. Bulk upload the device tokens contained in a CSV file via the AWS Management Console.
  • B. Let the push notification service (e.
  • C. Amazon Device Messaging) handle the registration.
  • D. Implement a token vending service to handle the registration.
  • E. Call the CreatePIatformEndPoint API function to register multiple device token

Answer: B

Company C is currently hosting their corporate site in an Amazon S3 bucket with Static Website Hosting enabled. Currently, when visitors go to the index.htmI page is returned. Company C now would like a new page weIcome.htmI to be returned when a visitor enters in the browser.
Which of the following steps will allow Company C to meet this requirement? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Upload an html page named we|come.htm| to their S3 bucket
  • B. Create a welcome subfolder in their S3 bucket
  • C. Set the Index Document property to weIcome.htmI
  • D. Move the index.htmI page to a welcome subfolder
  • E. Set the Error Document property to weIcome.htmI

Answer: AC

Which of the following is an example of a good DynamoDB hash key schema for provisioned throughput efficiency?

  • A. User ID, where the application has many different users.
  • B. Status Code where most status codes are the same
  • C. Device ID, where one is by far more popular than all the others.
  • D. Game Type, where there are three possible game types

Answer: A

In regard to DynamoDB, can I delete local secondary indexes?

  • A. Yes, if it is a primary hash key index
  • B. No
  • C. Yes, if it is a local secondary indexes
  • D. Yes, if it is a Global secondary indexes

Answer: B

Explanation: In DynamoDB, an index cannot be modified once it is created. Reference:

True or False: AWS CIoudFormation allows you to create Microsoft Windows stacks.

  • A. False, AWS CIoudFormation does not support Microsoft Windows.
  • B. False, Amazon doesn’t support Microsoft Windows.
  • C. False, you cannot create Windows stacks.
  • D. True

Answer: D

Explanation: AWS CIoudFormation allows you to create Microsoft Windows stacks based on Amazon EC2 Windows Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) and provides you with the ability to install software, to use remote desktop to access your stack, and to update and configure your stack.

An account owner has created an IAM user with the name examkiller. The account owner wants to give EC2 access of only the US West region to that IAM user. How can the owner configure this?

  • A. While creating a policy provide the region as a part of the resources
  • B. Create an IAM user in the US West region and give access to EC2
  • C. Create an IAM policy and define the region in the condition
  • D. It is not possible to provide access based on the region

Answer: C

Explanation: The IAM policy is never region specific. If the user wants to configure the region specific setting, he needs to provide conditions as part of the policy.

A user is creating a new EBS volume from an existing snapshot. The snapshot size shows 10 GB. Can the user create a volume of 30 GB from that snapshot?

  • A. Provided the original volume has set the change size attribute to true
  • B. Yes
  • C. Provided the snapshot has the modify size attribute set as true
  • D. No

Answer: B

Explanation: A user can always create a new EBS volume of a higher size than the original snapshot size. The user cannot create a volume of a lower size. When the new volume is created the size in the instance will be shown as the original size. The user needs to change the size of the device with resize2fs or other OS specific commands.

Which of the following services are included at no additional cost with the use of the AWS platform? Choose 2 answers

  • A. Simple Storage Service
  • B. Elastic Compute Cloud
  • C. Auto Scaling
  • D. Elastic Load Balancing
  • E. CIoudFormation
  • F. Simple Workflow Service

Answer: CE

What item operation allows the retrieval of multiple items from a DynamoDB table in a single API call?

  • A. Getltem
  • B. BatchGetItem
  • C. GetMu|tip|e|tems
  • D. GetItemRange

Answer: B

A user has setup an application on EC2 which uses the IAM user access key and secret access key to make secure calls to S3. The user wants to temporarily stop the access to S3 for that IAM user. What should the root owner do?

  • A. Delete the IAM user
  • B. Change the access key and secret access key for the users
  • C. Disable the access keys for the IAM user
  • D. Stop the instance

Answer: C

Explanation: If the user wants to temporarily stop the access to S3 the best solution is to disable the keys. Deleting the user will result in a loss of all the credentials and the app will not be useful in the future. If the user stops the instance IAM users can still access S3. The change of the key does not help either as they are still active. The best possible solution is to disable the keys.

An ELB is diverting traffic across 5 instances. One of the instances was unhealthy only for 20 minutes. What will happen after 20 minutes when the instance becomes healthy?

  • A. ELB will never divert traffic back to the same instance
  • B. ELB will not automatically send traffic to the same instanc
  • C. However, the user can configure to start sending traffic to the same instance
  • D. ELB starts sending traffic to the instance once it is healthy
  • E. ELB terminates the instance once it is unhealth
  • F. Thus, the instance cannot be healthy after 10 minutes

Answer: C

Explanation: AWS Elastic Load Balancing continuously checks the health of an instance. If one of the instances is unhealthy it stops sending traffic to it and automatically reroutes the traffic to the remaining running EC2 instances. If the failed EC2 instance is restored, Elastic Load Balancing will again start sending traffic to that instance.

A root account owner is trying to setup an additional level of security for all his IAM users. Which of the below mentioned options is a recommended solution for the account owner?

  • A. Enable access key and secret access key for all the IAM users
  • B. Enable MFA for all IAM users
  • C. Enable the password for all the IAM users
  • D. Enable MFA for the root account

Answer: B

Explanation: Multi-Factor Authentication adds an extra level of security for all the users. The user can enable MFA for all IAM users which ensures that each user has to provide an extra six digit code for authentication. Reference:

An orgAMzation has created multiple components of a single application for compartmentalization. Currently all the components are hosted on a single EC2 instance. Due to security reasons the orgAMzation wants to implement two separate SSLs for the separate modules although it is already using VPC. How can the orgAMzation achieve this with a single instance?

  • A. Create a VPC instance which will have both the ACL and the security group attached to it and haveseparate rules for each IP address.
  • B. Create a VPC instance which will have multiple network interfaces with multiple elastic IP addresses.
  • C. You have to launch two instances each in a separate subnet and allow VPC peering for a single IP.
  • D. Create a VPC instance which will have multiple subnets attached to it and each will have a separate IP address.

Answer: B

Explanation: A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) is a virtual network dedicated to the user’s AWS account. It enables the user to launch AWS resources into a virtual network that the user has defined. With VPC the user can specify multiple private IP addresses for his instances.
The number of network interfaces and private IP addresses that a user can specify for an instance depends on the instance type. With each network interface the orgAMzation can assign an EIP. This scenario helps when the user wants to host multiple websites on a single EC2 instance by using multiple SSL certificates on a single server and associating each certificate with a specific EIP address. It also helps in scenarios for operating network appliances, such as firewalls or load balancers that have multiple private IP addresses for each network interface.

A user is uploading archives to Glacier. The user is trying to understand key Glacier resources. Which of the below mentioned options is not a Glacier resource?

  • A. Notification configuration
  • B. Archive ID
  • C. Job
  • D. Archive

Answer: B

Explanation: AWS Glacier has four resources. Vault and Archives are core data model concepts. Job is required to initiate download of archive. The notification configuration is required to send user notification when archive is available for download.

If an application is storing hourly log files from thousands of instances from a high traffic web site, which naming scheme would give optimal performance on S3?

  • A. Sequential
  • B. instancelD_Iog-HH-DD-NIM-YYYY
  • C. instancelD_Iog-YYYY-NIM-DD-HH
  • D. HH-DD-NINI-YYYY-Iog_instanceID
  • E. YYYY-MM-DD-HH-|og_instance|D

Answer: E

If a message is retrieved from a queue in Amazon SQS, how long is the message inaccessible to other users by default?

  • A. 0 seconds
  • B. 1 hour
  • C. 1 day
  • D. forever
  • E. 30 seconds

Answer: E

An EC2 instance has one additional EBS volume attached to it. How can a user attach the same volume to another running instance in the same AZ?

  • A. Terminate the first instance and only then attach to the new instance
  • B. Attach the volume as read only to the second instance
  • C. Detach the volume first and attach to new instance
  • D. No need to detac
  • E. Just select the volume and attach it to the new instance, it will take care of mapping internally

Answer: C

Explanation: If an EBS volume is attached to a running EC2 instance, the user needs to detach the volume from the original instance and then attach it to a new running instance. The user doesn't need to stop / terminate the original instance.

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