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2016 Aug C2010-501 testing engine

Q101. Which tool can be useful in determining whether a port is responding remotely? 

A. telnet 

B. netstat 

C. portping 

D. SOAP port utility 

Answer: A 

Q102. Which two log files can help determine whether the IBM Maximo Asset Management database is configured successfully? (Choose two.) 

A. maxinst.log 

B. dbconfig.log 

C. updatedb.log 

D. dropbackup.log 

E. restorefrombackup.log 

Answer: A,C 

Q103. Which statement correctly describes the Java heap? 

A. the size of the application's executable code 

B. the transaction history of the Java application 

C. Java class files and system objects used by the application 

D. memory allocated within a Java Virtual Machine for the creation and use of objects 

Answer: D 

Q104. What indicates that there is no memory leak when analyzing garbage collection statistics over the life of a running Java Virtual Machine? 

A. A fairly sloping graph of free space before allocation failure. 

B. A fairly horizontal graph of free space before allocation failure. 

C. A fairly horizontal graph of free space after garbage collection. 

D. A straight sloping graph of free space after garbage collection. 

Answer: D 

Q105. An industry solution is being installed in an IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 (Maximo) environment. During the installation a message is displayed that the product being installed cannot be installed because Maximo has not been found. What is one way to verify if Maximo has been installed? 

A. view the Maximo system information 

B. view the Maximo version with version.bat 

C. view the deployment engine data with listiu 

D. view the deployment engine data with taskrunner 

Answer: C 


Refresh C2010-501 question:

Q106. An architecture for the deployment of IBM Maximo Asset Management is being created for a customer. The user acceptance testing (UAT) and production environments include: 2 user interface (UI) Java Virtual Machines (JVMs), 1 Maximo Integration Framework (MIF) JVM, and 1 cron JVM each. Why are there separate JVMs for the UAT environment? 

A. A UAT environment always provides an infrastructure supporting the same number of users as a production environment. 

B. A UAT environment with JVM segregation requires separated JVM functions in any environment other than development. 

C. The minimum number of JVMs that must be utilized in any customer UAT environment is: 2 UI JVMs. 1 MIF JVM, and 1 cron JVM. 

D. A UAT environment allows for the testing of configuration and concepts utilized in the production environment design in a similar way to how they are actually utilized in production. 

Answer: D 

Q107. What is true of thread pools when used in a Java Virtual Machine (JVM)? 

A. Once a thread pool is set up. it can be modified only by reinstalling the JVM. 

B. Thread pools are a shared resource generated by workstations connected to the same JVM. 

C. A thread pool is a collection of worker threads that efficiently execute asynchronous callbacks on behalf of the application. 

D. Thread pools enable components of the server to reuse threads and eliminate the need to create new threads at run time to service each new request. 

Answer: D 


Which message will display during an IBM Maximo Asset Management V7.5 (Maximo) installation when a location is selected that contains an already installed Maximo V7.x environment? 

A The installation cannot continue because an existing Maximo installation was found. 

B. The installation cannot continue because the deployment engine has been installed. 

C. A Maximo installation was found so the installation assumes an upgrade and proceeds. 

D. A Maximo installation was found so the installation will uninstall the existing installation and continue. 

Answer: C 

Q109. What is used to install Process Manager Product components contained within zip and payload packages? 

A. taskRunner utility 

B. Launchpad Installer 

C. deployment engine 

D. Process Solution Installer 

Answer: D 


In which case would indexing a table fail to fix an inefficient query? 

A When the WHERE clause is used on a Long Description. 

B. When the WHERE clause has more than eight nested queries. 

C. When the WHERE clause includes a leading wildcard character. 

D. When the WHERE clause is used in Maximo Integration Framework. 

Answer: C 

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