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2016 Jul C2090-617 exam prep

Q71. The -DISPLAY BUFFERPOOL command has an option that can be used to display statistics accumulated since the last incremental display. What is the syntax for this option? 

A. LIST(*) 




Answer: D 

Q72. Which statement is true regarding the RESTORE SYSTEM utility? 

A. INSTALL SYSADM authority is required to run RESTORE SYSTEM. 

B. The usage of RESTORE SYSTEM requires a conditional restart control record. 

C. Once RESTORE SYSTEM completes successfully all objects are immediately ready for use. 

D. If the backup was created using the FULL option, logs are also restored as part of RESTORE SYSTEM operation. 

Answer: B 

Q73. Regarding DB2's use of 1 MB page frames for a buffer pool, which statement is true? 

A. The buffer pool must be defined with PGFIX(YES). 

B. The mainframe server must be a z9 or a later model. 

C. 1 MB page frames can only be used for 4 KB DB2 buffer pools. 

D. The aggregate amount of 1 MB page frames available on a system must be greater than or equal to the size of the DB2 buffer pool for which those page frames will be used. 

Answer: A 

Q74. The TCPALVER subsystem parameter specifies whether DB2 is to accept TCP/IP connection requests that contain only a user ID (no password, RACF PassTicket, or Kerberos ticket). Which of the following values is NOT accepted as a legitimate value? 





Answer: C 

Q75. Poorly tuned buffer pools can affect application performance, such as having sequential prefetch turned off. Which metric should you monitor from the statistics report to be sure this is not occurring? 





Answer: A 

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Up to the immediate present C2090-617 exam topics:

Q76. In all migration and installation modes of DB2 10, which data sets must be SMS-managed with the extended addressability attribute? 

A. All data sets in DB2. 

B. Only new DB2 catalog data sets. 

C. All DB2 catalog and directory data sets. 

D. New or changed DB2 catalog and directory data sets. 

Answer: D 

Q77. When installing a new data sharing group, the recommended point to run the installation verification procedure (IVP) should occur after which step? 

A. Install the originating system. 

B. Enable the originating system. 

C. Install a new, additional member of a data sharing group. 

D. Enable a new, additional member of a data sharing group. 

Answer: A 

Q78. The standard audit trace has limitations. Which statement is true? 

A. You can audit the catalog tables. 

B. You can audit every access to a table. 

C. You can audit all utilities including DSN1.... ones. 

D. You can start a specific audit trace at DB2 startup. 

Answer: D 

Q79. You are installing a new DB2 10 subsystem, and have just run the batch job DSNTIJTM. Which action is NOT accomplished by this job? 

A. Grants authority to create indexes on the default database to PUBLIC. 

B. Grants use of the SYSDEFLT table space to PUBLIC. 

C. Grants use of the default buffer pool and storage group to PUBLIC. 

D. Grants authority to create tables and table spaces in the default database to PUBLIC. 

Answer: A 

Q80. A distributed identity filter is a mapping association between which two entities? 

A. A DB2 role and one or more distributed user identities. 

B. A RACF user ID and one or more distributed user identities. 

C. An LDAP user name and one or more distributed user identities. 

D. A DB2 authorization ID and one or more distributed user identities. 

Answer: B 

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