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2016 Jun C9010-022 test questions

Q111. - (Topic 4) 

Given the following information: 

In which order should the LPARs be activated to ensure thatallof them will start? 

A. lpar2 lpar3 lpar1 lpar4 

B. lpar1 lpar2 lpar3 lpar4 

C. lpar 4 lpar 3 lpar 1 lpar 2 

D. lpar 2 lpar 3 lpar 4 lpar 1 

Answer: B 

190. - (Topic 4) 

An administrator wants to migrate data in a volume group from one set of disks to a new set of disks. No free disks are currently available within the volume group. 

What must be done before migrating the data to the new disks? 

A. The new disks must be added to thevolume group with extendvg and then migrate the data. 

B. The volume group must be imported to the new disks withimportvg. 

C. The volume group must be varied off withvaryoffvgbefore adding the new disks. 

D. The new disks must be formatted for a volume group withchdevand then extended. 

Answer: B 

Q112. - (Topic 1) 

What is the purpose of the virtual media repository on the VIO Server? 

A. To store resources for use by the NIM server 

B. To store backups of the VIO Server 

C. To store images for use by VIO Clients 

D. To store images for use by VIO Servers 

Answer: C 

Q113. - (Topic 1) 

Two different administrators are asked to change the hostname of a system due to a misunderstanding The current hostname is set to misunderstanding. The current hostname is set to 'ozi'. The first administrator thinks the hostname should be set to 'kiwi' and he runs the command: 

# hostname kiwi He checks his work by running the hostname command again and he sees this output # hostname kiwi The second administrator thinks the hostname should be 'texan' and he runs the command: # uname -Stexan He checks his work by running uname -n and sees the output # uname -n texan 

What will be the output of the hostname and uname -n command when the system reboots? 

A. The output of both commands will be 'kiwi' after reboot. 

B. The output of both commands will be 'texan' after reboot. 

C. The output of both commands will be 'ozi' after reboot. 

D. The output of the hostname command will be 'kiwi' and the output of the uname -n command will be texan". 

Answer: C 

Q114. - (Topic 4) 

Which of the following is a requirement for a concurrent firmware update on a Power Systems server? 

A. The firmware must be upgraded to a new release. 

B. The Power Systems server must have a redundant FSP. 

C. The Power Systems server must be managed by an HMC. 

D. The primary partition must have all system resources assigned. 

Answer: C 

Q115. - (Topic 4) 

Which file lists all tunables and associated values applied during the last reboot? 

A. /etc/tunables/nextboot.log 

B. /etc/tunables/lastboot.log 

C. /etc/tunables/nextboot 

D. /etc/tunables/lastboot 

Answer: D 

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Q116. - (Topic 4) 

Based on the following topas output, what is the most cause for concern? 

A. I/O Wait 

B. Paging activity 

C. CPU allocation 

D. Storage write latency 

Answer: C 

Q117. - (Topic 4) 

An administrator needs to replace a failing hard disk, hdisk0, in a mirrored rootvg. After removing the mirror from hdisk0, the administrator cannot remove hdisk0 from the rootvg due to one logical volume still remaining on the failing hard disk, as described below. 

How can this issue be resolved? 

A. migratepv hdisk0 hdisk1 

B. migrateiv lg_dumplv hdisk1 

C. mkivcopy lg_dumplv hdisk1 

D. mirrorvg -l lg_dumplv hdisk0 hdisk1 

Answer: A 

Q118. - (Topic 4) 

An existing client LPAR has been manually movedfrom one physical machine to another. The administrator updated the SAN zoning to deallocate from the source VIO Server and allocate to the destination VIO Server. The LPAR and its profile were recreated on the HMC and the single disk is mapped from the VIO Server to the LPAR. 

What manual intervention is required after activating the LPAR? 

A. Select a boot device. 

B. Correct the system clock. 

C. Correct the terminal type. 

D. Import non-root volume groups 

Answer: A 

Q119. - (Topic 4) 

An existing LPAR is configured with a vSCSI disk for a root volume group. An administrator is configuring NPIV to provide secondary storage to the partition. DLPAR operations are used to add the required client and server adapters to the client and VIO Server partitions. 

Once the NPIV adapters have been configured, what action should be taken against the client LPAR to ensure access to SAN storage is not compromised? 

A. Shutdown and reboot AIX. 

B. Shutdown and reactivate the profile. 

C. Save the current configuration to a profile. 

D. Add the physical WWVPN to the virtual device configuration. 

Answer: C 

Q120. - (Topic 4) 

Which command can be used to monitor I/O activity? 

A. cpio 

B. alstat 

C. iostat 

D. vmstat 

Answer: D 

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