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The CompTIA specialists potentially have to get a professional in IT industry want to attain the peak of ability and achievement, so they have to be involved in different CompTIA qualification tests. CompTIA CAS-002 named CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP) is stepping-stone to inspect the actual candidates knowledge and ability in the appropriate industry of labor. Pass4sure CompTIA CAS-002 on the internet practice assessments can promise that you can to control individuals highly skilled and competent functions. Our own CAS-002 practice exam offers the real answers and questions, making certain a person complete the actual CAS-002 exam along with best grades.

2016 Jun CAS-002 testing engine

Q231. - (Topic 1) 

A large organization has recently suffered a massive credit card breach. During the months of Incident Response, there were multiple attempts to assign blame for whose fault it was that the incident occurred. In which part of the incident response phase would this be addressed in a controlled and productive manner? 

A. During the Identification Phase 

B. During the Lessons Learned phase 

C. During the Containment Phase 

D. During the Preparation Phase 

Answer: B 

Q232. - (Topic 1) 

A security analyst has been asked to develop a quantitative risk analysis and risk assessment for the company’s online shopping application. Based on heuristic information from the Security Operations Center (SOC), a Denial of Service Attack (DoS) has been successfully executed 5 times a year. The Business Operations department has determined the loss associated to each attack is $40,000. After implementing application caching, the number of DoS attacks was reduced to one time a year. The cost of the countermeasures was $100,000. Which of the following is the monetary value earned during the first year of operation? 

A. $60,000 

B. $100,000 

C. $140,000 

D. $200,000 

Answer: A 

Q233. - (Topic 5) 

A system administrator needs to meet the maximum amount of security goals for a new DNS infrastructure. The administrator deploys DNSSEC extensions to the domain names and infrastructure. Which of the following security goals does this meet? (Select TWO). 

A. Availability 

B. Authentication 

C. Integrity 

D. Confidentiality 

E. Encryption 

Answer: B,C 

Q234. - (Topic 1) 

A security engineer is working on a large software development project. As part of the design of the project, various stakeholder requirements were gathered and decomposed to an implementable and testable level. Various security requirements were also documented. Organize the following security requirements into the correct hierarchy required for an SRTM. 

Requirement 1: The system shall provide confidentiality for data in transit and data at rest. 

Requirement 2: The system shall use SSL, SSH, or SCP for all data transport. 

Requirement 3: The system shall implement a file-level encryption scheme. 

Requirement 4: The system shall provide integrity for all data at rest. 

Requirement 5: The system shall perform CRC checks on all files. 

A. Level 1: Requirements 1 and 4; Level 2: Requirements 2, 3, and 5 

B. Level 1: Requirements 1 and 4; Level 2: Requirements 2 and 3 under 1, Requirement 5 under 4 

C. Level 1: Requirements 1 and 4; Level 2: Requirement 2 under 1, Requirement 5 under 4; Level 3: Requirement 3 under 2 

D. Level 1: Requirements 1, 2, and 3; Level 2: Requirements 4 and 5 

Answer: B 

Q235. - (Topic 4) 

A large enterprise introduced a next generation firewall appliance into the Internet facing DMZ. All Internet traffic passes through this appliance. Four hours after implementation the network engineering team discovered that traffic through the DMZ now has un-acceptable latency, and is recommending that the new firewall be taken offline. At what point in the implementation process should this problem have been discovered? 

A. During the product selection phase 

B. When testing the appliance 

C. When writing the RFP for the purchase process 

D. During the network traffic analysis phase 

Answer: B 

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Q236. - (Topic 2) 

An administrator is implementing a new network-based storage device. In selecting a storage protocol, the administrator would like the data in transit's integrity to be the most important concern. Which of the following protocols meets these needs by implementing either AES-CMAC or HMAC-SHA256 to sign data? 



C. FCoE 


Answer: A 

Q237. - (Topic 1) 

Which of the following describes a risk and mitigation associated with cloud data storage? 

A. Risk: Shared hardware caused data leakageMitigation: Strong encryption at rest 

B. Risk: Offsite replicationMitigation: Multi-site backups 

C. Risk: Data loss from de-duplicationMitigation: Dynamic host bus addressing 

D. Risk: Combined data archivingMitigation: Two-factor administrator authentication 

Answer: A 

Q238. - (Topic 5) 

Ann, a systems engineer, is working to identify an unknown node on the corporate network. To begin her investigative work, she runs the following nmap command string: 

user@hostname:~$ sudo nmap –O Based on the output, nmap is unable to identify the OS running on the node, but the following ports are open on the device: 

TCP/22 TCP/111 TCP/512-514 TCP/2049 TCP/32778 

Based on this information, which of the following operating systems is MOST likely running on the unknown node? 

A. Linux 

B. Windows 

C. Solaris 


Answer: C 

Q239. - (Topic 2) 

During an incident involving the company main database, a team of forensics experts is hired to respond to the breach. The team is in charge of collecting forensics evidence from the company’s database server. Which of the following is the correct order in which the forensics team should engage? 

A. Notify senior management, secure the scene, capture volatile storage, capture non-volatile storage, implement chain of custody, and analyze original media. 

B. Take inventory, secure the scene, capture RAM, capture had drive, implement chain of custody, document, and analyze the data. 

C. Implement chain of custody, take inventory, secure the scene, capture volatile and non-volatile storage, and document the findings. 

D. Secure the scene, take inventory, capture volatile storage, capture non-volatile storage, document, and implement chain of custody. 

Answer: D 

Q240. - (Topic 2) 

A company provides on-demand cloud computing resources for a sensitive project. The company implements a fully virtualized datacenter and terminal server access with two-factor authentication for customer access to the administrative website. The security administrator at the company has uncovered a breach in data confidentiality. Sensitive data from customer A was found on a hidden directory within the VM of company B. Company B is not in the same industry as company A and the two are not competitors. Which of the following has MOST likely occurred? 

A. Both VMs were left unsecured and an attacker was able to exploit network vulnerabilities to access each and move the data. 

B. A stolen two factor token was used to move data from one virtual guest to another host on the same network segment. 

C. A hypervisor server was left un-patched and an attacker was able to use a resource exhaustion attack to gain unauthorized access. 

D. An employee with administrative access to the virtual guests was able to dump the guest memory onto a mapped disk. 

Answer: A 

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