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2016 Jun livelessons - comptia cloud cv0-001:

Q1. An accounting firm stores electronic images of its clients tax returns in the Electronic Document Management System (EDMS). The company should be MOST concerned with: 

A. network bandwidth. 

B. network security. 

C. document format. 

D. application integration. 

Answer: B 


Q2. Which of the following ways to obtain information for a requirements document would render the BEST information? 

A. Viewing the company website 

B. Reading the companys Request For Information (RFI) 

C. Interactive meeting with line-of-business managers 

D. Reading the organizations annual report 

Answer: C 


Q3. In order to allow for the encrypted access of documents over the web, the web server should support: 

A. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). 


C. Trivial File Transfer Protocol (TFTP). 

D. XML. 

Answer: A 


Q4. Who should retain the project documentation and archive after the implementation has been completed? 

A. IT Manager 

B. Project owner 

C. Consultant 

D. Technical project leader 

Answer: B 


Q5. The imaging consultant has been tasked with implementing document imaging. When examining the clients hardware assets, the consultant discovers the client already has some scan-to-file enabled Multi-functional Devices (MFD). How shall the consultant proceed? 

A. Investigate specifications for networked scanners based upon client needs 

B. Investigate the copy / printing capability of the MFDs 

C. Investigate upgrading the MFDs 

D. Determine what scanning capability is embedded in the MFDs 

Answer: D 



Up to the immediate present cv0-001 comptia:

Q6. Companies have always taken precautions with the physical security of their records. Which of the following security precautions is the most important when transmitting electronic documents over the Internet? 

A. Digitally sign and watermark all documents before publication. 

B. Limit access to the documents using encryption and authentication. 

C. Limit access to the documents by implementing a firewall and HTTPS. 

D. Require users to enter password and date of birth in order to access documents. 

Answer: B 


Q7. A component of designing the input environment would include: 

A. document quality. 

B. printing volume. 

C. storage media. 

D. print media. 

Answer: A 


Q8. The accounting department produces 175 documents per day. 20% of those documents are faxes with the rest being printed single page orders. Faxes do not require scanning. How many scanned images will the accounting department produce per a five day work week? 

A. 140 images 

B. 175 images 

C. 700 images 

D. 875 images 

Answer: C 


Q9. Exambible scans 500 8,5" x 11" two-page, duplex documents every day as 300 dpi Group 4 TIFF images. If each imaged page is an average of 50KB, approximately how many days can they operate before they run out of storage space on their 60GB hard drive? 

A. 300 days 

B. 600 days 

C. 950 days 

D. 1,200 days 

Answer: D 


Q10. A company has a vision of all employees having access to a common, user customizable web interface where they will gain access to all corporate applications needed. The company is asking for a: 

A. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. 

B. web application server. 

C. Windows Desktop application. 

D. portal interface. 

Answer: D 


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