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2016 Jul cv0-001 comptia:

Q11. Exambible is currently digitizing forms and documents in an imaging system and has identified the requirement to forward these documents in a pre-defined and controlled way from one worker to another worker for processing. What kind of solution should the company consider? 

A. E-mail routing 

B. Ad hoc workflow 

C. Production workflow 

D. Intranet distribution 

Answer: C 


Q12. A scope of work should include which one of the following items? 

A. Available staff resources 

B. User requirements 

C. Consultant resources 

D. List of general supplies 

Answer: B 


Q13. A customer wished to integrate a custom-built third-party image viewing and manipulation application into their current office software package. They want to keep integration to a minimum and be able to launch the imaging application by a Toolbar icon. Which of the following would be the best tool to use in this situation? 

A. Dynamic Data Exchange 

B. Object Linking and Embedding 

C. Structured Query Language 

D. Application Programming Interface 

Answer: A 


Q14. Which of the following are elements of a communication plan? 

A. Ethernet and TCP / IP 

B. Project charter and project plan 

C. E-mail and FTP 

D. All-hands meetings and intranet postings 

Answer: D 


Q15. A person tasked with document preparation fulfills what duties? 

A. Separates incoming mail into categories, removes staples, and identifies documents types 

B. Indexes and locates documents, assigns work priority, allows documents to be relocated 

C. Data entry, order processing, and order fulfillment 

D. Document retrieval and archival, identifies document types, and indexes 

Answer: A 


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Abreast of the times livelessons - comptia cloud cv0-001:

Q16. A scanning operator in a law firm will be scanning a large volume of documents that will be submitted electronically to a court. The scanning operator should have knowledge of: 

A. Printer Control Language (PCL). 

B. imprinting. 

C. endorsing. 

D. TIFF tags. 

Answer: B 


Q17. Which of the following is the MOST important item when presenting a solution design to a customer for review? 

A. Providing food and drink for comfort 

B. Showing how the solution meets business requirements 

C. Detailing pricing of the solution 

D. Providing great customer references 

Answer: B 


Q18. The Human Resources department receives applications: 10% by fax, 30% by e-mail, and 60% by mail. All applications are two-sided forms. Applications received by mail must be scanned into the Document Management System (DMS). If 300 applications are received by the Human Resources department per week, how many images will be scanned per week? 

A. 300 

B. 360 

C. 400 

D. 600 

Answer: B 


Q19. A client bills customers with invoices generated on a laser printer. The invoice includes a payment stub that is mailed back to the client with payment. Currently, the client scans the payment stub and check by utilizing heads-up indexing to apply the index information. Which of the following methods would be the easiest and LEAST expensive to index the scanned images? 

A. Continue with current method of heads-up indexing of scanned payments 

B. Create Optical Mark Recognition (OMR) or bar coded coversheets that are placed at the beginning of each payment when scanned with index information 

C. Continue printing invoices on a laser printer but include a bar code with index information on the submission stub 

D. Purchase indexing software and hardware to automate this process 

Answer: C 


Q20. While reviewing a projects proposed timeline, it is found that the Document Management System (DMS) rollout schedule is unrealistic. A discussion should be held FIRST with the: 

A. Chief Executive Officer (CEO). 

B. project sponsor. 

C. end-users. 

D. system storage managers. 

Answer: B 


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