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2016 May CISA Study Guide Questions:

Q31. - (Topic 3) 

Which of the following would BEST provide assurance of the integrity of new staff? 

A. Background screening 

B. References 

C. Bonding 

D. Qualifications listed on a resume 

Answer: A 


A background screening is the primary method for assuring the integrity of a prospective staff member. References are important and would need to be verified, but they are not as reliable as background screening. Bonding is directed at due-diligencecompliance, not at integrity, and qualifications listed on a resume may not be accurate. 

Q32. - (Topic 3) 

The MOST likely effect of the lack of senior management commitment to IT strategic planning is: 

A. a lack of investment in technology. 

B. a lack of a methodology for systems development. 

C. technology not aligning with the organization's objectives. 

D. an absence of control over technology contracts. 

Answer: C 


A steering committee should exist to ensure that the IT strategies support the organization's goals. The absence of an information technology committee or a committee not composed of senior managers would be an indication of a lack of top-level management commitment. This condition would increase the risk that IT would not be aligned with the organization's strategy. 

Q33. - (Topic 1) 

What can be used to gather evidence of network attacks? 

A. Access control lists (ACL) 

B. Intrusion-detection systems (IDS) 

C. Syslog reporting 

D. Antivirus programs 

Answer: B 

Explanation: Intrusion-detection systems (IDS) are used to gather evidence of network attacks. 

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Q34. - (Topic 2) 

A PRIMARY benefit derived from an organization employing control self-assessment (CSA) techniques is that it: 

A. can identify high-risk areas that might need a detailed review later. 

B. allows IS auditors to independently assess risk. 

C. can be used as a replacement for traditional audits. 

D. allows management to relinquish responsibility for control. 

Answer: A 


CSA is predicated on the review of high-risk areas that either need immediate attention or a more thorough review at a later date. Choice B is incorrect, because CSA requires the involvement of auditors and line management. What occurs is that the internal audit function shifts some of the control monitoring responsibilities to the functional areas. Choice C is incorrect because CSA is not a replacement for traditional audits. CSA is not intended to replace audit's responsibilities, but to enhance them. Choice D is incorrect, because CSA does not allow management to relinquish its responsibility for control. 

Q35. - (Topic 3) 

An IT steering committee should review information systems PRIMARILY to assess: 

A. whether IT processes support business requirements. 

B. if proposed system functionality is adequate. 

C. the stability of existing software. 

D. the complexity of installed technology. 

Answer: A 


The role of an IT steering committee is to ensure that the IS department is in harmony with the organization's mission and objectives. To ensure this, the committee must determine whether IS processes support the business requirements. Assessing proposed additional functionality and evaluating software stability and the complexity of technology are too narrow in scope to ensure that IT processes are, in fact, supporting the organization's goals. 

Q36. - (Topic 1) 

A control that detects transmission errors by appending calculated bits onto the end of each segment of data is known as a: 

A. reasonableness check. 

B. parity check. 

C. redundancy check. 

D. check digits. 

Answer: C 


A redundancy check detects transmission errors by appending calculated bits onto the end of each segment of datA.

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Q37. - (Topic 1) 

Which of the following systems-based approaches would a financial processing company employ to monitor spending patterns to identify abnormal patterns and report them? 

A. A neural network 

B. Database management software 

C. Management information systems 

D. Computer assisted audit techniques 

Answer: A 


A neural network will monitor and learn patterns, reporting exceptions for investigation. 

Q38. - (Topic 2) 

The MOST important reason for an IS auditor to obtain sufficient and appropriate audit evidence is to: 

A. comply with regulatory requirements. 

B. provide a basis for drawing reasonable conclusions. 

C. ensure complete audit coverage. 

D. perform the audit according to the defined scope. 

Answer: B 


The scope of an IS audit is defined by its objectives. This involves identifying control weaknesses relevant to the scope of the audit. Obtaining sufficient and appropriate evidence assists the auditor in not only identifying control weaknesses but also documenting and validating them. Complying with regulatory requirements, ensuring coverage and the execution of audit are all relevant to an audit but are not the reason why sufficient and relevant evidence is required. 

Q39. - (Topic 4) 

Change control for business application systems being developed using prototyping could be complicated by the: 

A. iterative nature of prototyping. 

B. rapid pace of modifications in requirements and design. 

C. emphasis on reports and screens. 

D. lack of integrated tools. 

Answer: B 


Changes in requirements and design happen so quickly that they are seldom documented or approved. Choices A, C and D are characteristics of prototyping, but they do not have an adverse effect on change control. 

Q40. - (Topic 1) 

Off-site data backup and storage should be geographically separated so as to ________________ (fill in the blank) the risk of a widespread physical disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake. 

A. Accept 

B. Eliminate 

C. Transfer 

D. Mitigate 

Answer: D 

Explanation: Off-site data backup and storage should be geographically separated, to mitigate the risk of a widespread physical disaster such as a hurricane or an earthquake. 

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