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2016 Jun JK0-017 Study Guide Questions:

Q41. Which of the following would require that the project risk register be updated? 

A. A qualitative risk analysis is performed 

B. A stakeholder has concerns about material delays 

C. The risk management plan is created 

D. Increased costs for required materials 

Answer: A 

Q42. Which of the following is a representation of the difference between the planned costs of work completed compared to the actual cost at a point in time? 

A. EV 


C. CV 

D. AC 

Answer: C 

Q43. A project is approved in a series of stages. This is an example of: 

A. standards compliance. 

B. project version approval. 

C. stakeholder approval. 

D. phase gate approval. 

Answer: D 


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Q44. A project manager is performing activity duration estimation. This project will have conditional decisions. Which of the following tools would be the BEST to use? 


B. Gantt chart 



Answer: A 

Q45. Two employees will not work on the same project together. The project manager tells the employees to talk to their supervisors because the supervisors recommended they work together. This is an example of which of the following conflict resolution styles? 

A. Withdrawing 

B. Forcing 

C. Accepting 

D. Compromising 

Answer: A 

Q46. In which of the following organization types is it LEAST likely that a conflict regarding competing demands for resources would take place? 

A. Functional 

B. Weak Matrix 

C. Balanced Matrix 

D. Projectized 

Answer: D 


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Q47. Which of the following would measure a project's validity? 

A. Risk analysis 

B. Strategic alignment 

C. Resource allocation 

D. Gantt chart 

Answer: B 

Q48. Which of the following would be the impact upon a project if the CPI for the project is .75? 

A. The project is under-budget. 

B. There would be a 25 percent cost decrease. 

C. There would be a 75 percent cost increase. 

D. The project is over-budget. 

Answer: D 

Q49. Which of the following would be considered a valid strategy in response to an adverse risk? 

A. Exploit 

B. Monitor 

C. Mitigate 

D. Enhance 

Answer: C 

Q50. Which of the following is the BEST way for an organization to obtain qualified vendors? 

A. Use the largest vendors with access to enhanced resources. 

B. Use the vendors with the closest location for easy access. 

C. Use the established vendor approval process. 

D. Use the lowest priced vendors. 

Answer: C 

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