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2016 Jun JK0-017 actual test

Q101. Which of the following sequences represents the correct order for implementing a change request? 

A. Change is requested, change impact analyzed, change request submitted to board, change request approved, change implemented. 

B. Change is requested, change implemented, change impact analyzed, change request submitted to board, change request approved. 

C. Change is requested, change request submitted to board, change impact analyzed, change request approved, change implemented. 

D. Change is requested, change request submitted to board, change request approved, change implemented, change impact analyzed. 

Answer: A 

Q102. The project team has completed phase testing. After testing, a subject matter expert (SME) notices that a component was skipped. 

Which of the following should the project manager do? 

A. Proceed with the release and document the adjustment in the change log. 

B. Proceed with the release and tell the SME the component will be added in a special release. 

C. Delay the release until the component is tested. 

D. Schedule a meeting with the stakeholders to review the impact. 

Answer: D 

Q103. The EV of a particular project is $6 million. The CV is -$340,000. Which of the following can be determined from this information? 

A. The project costs are currently under-budget. 

B. The AC is less than the EV. 

C. The EV is higher than the AC. 

D. The project costs are currently over-budget. 

Answer: D 

Q104. A project manager is analyzing the network schedule to determine the early start and early finish dates as well as the late start and late finish dates, for each activity. The project manager is not taking into account any resource constraints. Which of the following methods is demonstrated in this scenario? 

A. Critical Chain Method (CCM) 

B. Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM) 

C. Arrow Diagramming Method (ADM) 

D. Critical Path Method (CPM) 

Answer: D 

Q105. The work breakdown structure (WBS) dictionary contains which of the following elements? (Select Three). 

A. Identification of stakeholders 

B. Description of work processes and procedures 

C. Quality control processes 

D. Estimated calendar time of activities 

E. Required resources 

F. Risk response strategies 

Answer: B,D,E 

JK0-017  exam

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Q106. Two SMEs disagree with the designed plan for a particular component. The project will be delayed if the plan is not approved today. The project manager demands the SMEs work together to incorporate their modifications by the close of business today. Which of the following resolution techniques was used? 

A. Negotiating 

B. Forcing 

C. Smoothing 

D. Compromise 

Answer: B 

Q107. Which of the following activities are associated with a project kick-off meeting? (Select Two). 

A. Obtaining a signature on the project charter. 

B. Communicating project goals and objectives. 

C. Communicating work package assignments. 

D. Creating a rough draft of the transition plan. 

E. Communicating stakeholder expectations. 

Answer: B,E 

Q108. A variance between the planned scheduled work and the actual work completed would initially be highlighted in which of the following performance statistics? 

A. CV 

B. SV 



Answer: B 

Q109. Which of the following is found in project closure documentation? 

A. Updated communications plan 

B. Quality baseline 

C. Responsibility assignment matrix 

D. Transition plan 

Answer: D 

Q110. In order to validate a project, which of the following is required to complete a stakeholder analysis? 

A. Verify the project stakeholders needs, wants, and expectations are turned into requirements. 

B. Verify the project stakeholders have been selected by the project manager to provide the best scope for the project. 

C. Verify the project team members will be able to provide the expected stakeholder results. 

D. Verify the project stakeholders needs are documented in the work breakdown structure (WBS). 

Answer: A 

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