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2016 Jun jk0-017 exam:

Q161. A project manager was asked to complete a project three weeks early and not crash the project. Which of the following should be done? 

A. Move some of the task to another release. 

B. Have the team work over time and give them time off later to save the budget. 

C. Continue to work and complete the project as soon as possible. 

D. Review the plan with the team and develop a way to reduce the time 

Answer: D 

Q162. Quality assurance is performed during which phase of a project? 

A. During the controlling phase 

B. During both controlling and execution phase 

C. During the execution phase 

D. During the planning phase 

Answer: C 

Q163. A project sponsor has requested that the training be delivered in parallel to a project's implementation in order to ensure the project is delivered on schedule. If accepted, this request is an example of: 

A. the critical path method. 

B. crashing. 

C. fast-tracking. 

D. rolling wave planning. 

Answer: C 

Q164. Which of the following documents should be used to present the length of identified tasks? 


B. Key event/activity list 


D. Gantt 

Answer: D 

Q165. A project team has increased from six to twelve resources. How many total communication paths exist after the addition of resources? 

A. 24 

B. 48 

C. 66 

D. 144 

Answer: C 

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Up to the minute what is jk0-017:

Q166. The purpose of the WBS is to: 

A. maintain standards compliance. 

B. manage change requests. 

C. determine work packages. 

D. aid in version control. 

Answer: C 

Q167. Which of the following is the BEST reason to review the historical information from a similar project? 

A. To get a good idea of the writing style of the project manager. 

B. To get an understanding of the number of managers within the organization. 

C. To get an understanding of the resources needed to complete the project. 

D. To get an understanding of the document approval process. 

Answer: C 

Q168. At a project milestone meeting, the project sponsor asked about a deliverable that is not on the project plan. Which of the following should the project manager do to compensate for this unmet expectation? 

A. Review the scope with the vendor. 

B. Review the scope with the customer. 

C. Review the scope with the team. 

D. Review the scope with the sponsor. 

Answer: D 

Q169. Before the execution phase begins, who is in control of the project? 

A. Project sponsor 

B. Program manager 

C. Project manager 

D. Project coordinator 

Answer: C 

Q170. Work must be overlapped and completed in parallel rather than sequentially within the critical path in order to meet the end date of the project. Which of the following would be utilized? 

A. Optimizing 

B. Crashing 

C. Resource leveling 

D. Fast-tracking 

Answer: D 

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