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2016 May JK0-017 Study Guide Questions:

Q61. The project manager crashes a project that is behind schedule and under-budget. Which of the following will be the intended result? 

A. The project will be behind schedule and over-budget. 

B. The project will be on schedule but over-budget. 

C. The project will be on schedule and on-budget. 

D. The project will be behind schedule and on-budget. 

Answer: C 

Q62. Which of the following conflict resolution techniques is used to get people to face their conflicts directly and work through the issues? 

A. Confronting 

B. Forcing 

C. Compromising 

D. Smoothing 

Answer: A 

Q63. A project has been delayed due to an ongoing labor dispute. The project sponsor asks the project manager to transfer the risk to complete the project on time. Which of the following is a method of transferring the risk? 

A. Delay the project 

B. Change the project schedule 

C. Outsource the project 

D. Hire more resources 

Answer: C 

JK0-017  practice question

Avant-garde jk0-017 vce:

Q64. Which of the following actions would require a formal project closure? (Select Two). 

A. The project is delayed indefinitely because a required vendor part cannot be delivered. 

B. The project is producing a product that is no longer compliant with new Federal regulations. 

C. The project work is completed. 

D. The project has run out of money. 

E. The project sponsor has become disinterested in the project. 

Answer: C,D 

Q65. Which of the following is the BEST tool to determine how the frequency of an individual cause contributes towards the total result? 

A. SWOT analysis 

B. Critical Chain Method (CCM) 

C. Ishikawa diagram 

D. Pareto chart 

Answer: D 

Q66. Which of the following is the FINAL step in pre-project setup? 

A. Complete the work breakdown structure (WBS). 

B. Sign the approval document. 

C. Create the needed stakeholder forms. 

D. Validate the project. 

Answer: B 


Exact jk0-017:

Q67. A team member on a project uncovers a minor risk with the quality of a purchased component. The team uses their combined expert judgment to determine that the risk to the deliverable is very low. Which of the following is the MOST likely action the project manager should take? 

A. Issue a change request to the change control board to select a different vendor from the qualified sellers list and request early termination of the current vendors contract. 

B. Call a project team meeting to discuss the risk and communicate the issue directly with the project sponsor. 

C. Contact the vendor and request a thorough review of the products architecture. 

D. Document the risk in the risk register, accept it and refer to the agreed vendor contracts for methods of raising the issue with the vendor. 

Answer: D 

Q68. The project manager has the MOST authority in which of the following organizational structures? 

A. Balanced Matrix 

B. Functional 

C. Weak Matrix 

D. Strong Matrix 

Answer: D 

Q69. The lessons-learned activity and formal acceptance documentation form part of which of the following process groups? 

A. Closing 

B. Planning 

C. Executing 

D. Monitoring/Controlling 

Answer: A 

Q70. Which of the following should a project manger do to actively track issues as they are identified? 

A. Develop a quality management plan. 

B. Create a process for anonymous team review of issue resolution. 

C. Make an issues log template. 

D. Update the issues log. 

Answer: D 

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